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Professional PIC programmer

The SP6100N programmer is a PIC professional development and production programmer with high reliability and high performance and price ratio. The software uses a newer PIC programming algorithm to ensure high speed and stability of programming, and it can support PIC at the same time. The latest devices are easy to upgrade and reliable to use.

PIC progammer

This product supports programming of serial EEPROM. If you have used a serial EEPROM in your design. You must be particularly new to the distressing memory brought by the program when it is impossible to know whether the program has correctly written the data into the EEPROM or the necessary parameters cannot be present in the EEPROM. You will also see the importance of this feature.

SP6100N supports a variety of PIC chip writing, reading, encryption and other functions. At the same time, it has two serial communication modes: USB and USB. It can be directly powered by USB without an external power supply. The programming speed and the function of automatic programming are another reason for us to choose it. SP6100N can automatically protect the chip\’s internal clock calibration value from being erased during erasing (this is a feature not available in many general-purpose programmers). The method of programming while verifying provides another guarantee for improving the stability of the OTP chip.

Using the programmer\’s automatic programming function, you can connect multiple SP6100Ns to one computer for mass production burning. Depending on the chip, you can combine 3-5 SP6100Ns on the same machine (as long as your computer\’s USB port Enough, because many chips are programmed very fast, and you may not be able to keep picking up the chips and putting the chips in over three programmers).

Application range of SP6100N PIC programmer: PIC microcontroller learning, product development, product debugging, mass production programming of PIC microcontroller.

Programmer software features:

◇ Chinese and English interface, English online help system, convenient for users. (Even the configuration bit settings also made in English, which is beneficial for beginners)

◇ At the same time, we also provide an English version of the programming software, which facilitates the use of foreign customers.

◇ It has the function of automatic programming after a reliable chip contact setting, which is convenient for mass production. (Just put the chip in and do not need to press any security button to complete the programming of the IC).

◇ The chip insertion completion time can adjust during automatic programming, which reduces the time waste caused by false detection and further improves production efficiency.

◇ It has a programmed counting function, which can preset the number of programming and counting.

◇ The serial number automatically increases. You can set the auto-increment area / auto-increment system / auto-increment start address / end address / auto-increment step.

◇ Automatically identify the configuration word and internal EEPROM data in the file.

◇ Comprehensive information prompts, sound prompts at the same time during the programming process, let users clearly understand the working status.

◇ It has the function of automatically detecting the programmer hardware, and automatically detects and sets the programmer hardware when the software starts, without manual setting and use.

◇ By calculating the checksum, you can immediately find out whether the programming data changed. The checksum formula follows Microchip\’s definition.

◇ Can read out the contents of the chip program area conveniently.

◇ Compatible with Windows 10 and, Windows 7, Windows 8 and other operating systems.

◇ Program support *. HEX or *. Loading of BIN files is supported *. BIN files converte to *. HEX format.

◇ You can directly burn and decrypt the BIN file obtained by the microcontroller without any settings.

◇ Can automatically protect the clock calibration value of the chip from being erased

◇ Automatically update files for more convenient product development and debugging.

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