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Brief introduction of car programmer function

Brief introduction of car programmer function
The car-specific digital programmer is a multi-functional car programmer that is connected to the USB / COM interface of a PC. It has features such as car-specific programming, audio decoding, instrument adjustment, anti-theft code reading, and airbag computer data repair. It is sturdy and easy to operate.

  1. Car-specific programmer function: A unique tool for reading, displaying, saving, and rewriting some of the memories used in cars (commonly known as code method, which is a device that stores common data and passwords for car). It’s not like all kinds of car original special tools. They are only used for specific models, and car exceptional programmers, no matter what type of car, what kind of car, as long as you find this place to store data, we can solve the problem Technical difficulties encountered.
  2. Audio decoding function: This operation is suitable for all types of car audio with a digital password lock. After the password is locked, the original power-on password cannot be found to read or modify the password. Currently, hundreds of imported and domestic models can be decoded. 3,Instrument adjustment function: used to modify the mileage of the car’s LCD odometer and repair of instrument failure.
  3. Anti-theft code reader function: used to read the anti-theft password for Volkswagen / Audi models.
  4. Airbag computer data repair function: In the past, when the airbag on the car detonated, the airbag computer could not be used. Now, as long as the data of the airbag computer is initialized through this programmer, the airbag computer can still be used.

Car programmed automatic programmer for auto-adjusting odometer, memory-supported meters, airbags, audio;

Automatically read, write, and adjust data of car programmer engine memory and other data and automatically name and save the data. No need to calculate and manually write data.

The car programmer contains a lot of additional data.

Automotive programmers can be divided into general-purpose programmers and special-purpose programmers in terms of functions. Special-purpose programmers have the lowest price and are suitable for a small number of chip types. They are ideal for the needs of programming with a specific kind of special-purpose chip. Program. The full-function general-purpose class can generally cover almost (not all) all the chips that need to be programmed currently. Due to the troublesome design and high cost, which restricts sales, the final selling price is extremely high, which is suitable for the situation where many kinds of chips need to be programmed.

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