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The extensive use of digital circuits in cars, the maintenance of digital circuit systems has become a technical hotspot increasingly concerned by automotive maintenance technicians. Corresponding programmers have grown more and more widely used in support of digital circuits. The programmer can be used to adjust the LCD odometer. 、 The reading of anti-theft password, audio decoding and data recovery of airbags. I will take the Audi A6 as an example to introduce the specific application of the universal programmer. After we buy a programmer from the market, it will come with an Install the software. After installing on the computer, open this software, we see that the taskbar has open files, save files, buffer edit model selection, blank check, data comparison, automatic programming and other items. When we read and write data, first To choose a model, choose a chip manufacturer. Serial EEPROM mostly use in cars. After selecting a serial EEPROM, you can see the chip manufacturers on the left, and the devices on the right display in the list window on the right.

Motor control technology has developed rapidly in recent years. However, compared with remote motor control technologies and products, the development of primary and functional components of motor control in China is relatively backward, which limits the development of motor control technology and related products in China. Therefore, it is indispensable and urgent to develop research on motor control functional parts to make our motor controller equipment practical and reliable supporting products with independent intellectual property rights. Based on this immediate application need, the system design, research and development of the handheld programmer, a new type of product, is of great practical significance and excellent application value. The thesis is mainly devoted to the design and implementation of the software and hardware platform of the handheld electronic control programmer. Based on the research project of the handheld automatic control programmer undertaken by Intech Intelligent Control Co., Ltd., the design principle and the analysis of the handheld programmer are analyzed and discussed. Implementation plan. Firstly, it examines the development and current status of domestic electric vehicle motor controllers. The development and current state of handheld programmers, the technical characteristics and advantages of handheld programmers. And gives the design scheme of the software system and hardware system for handheld programmers based on C8051F133; Finally, the design scheme and implementation method of the main functions of the system software module (button processing, serial communication, LCD) analyze in detail. The handheld programmers studied in this thesis have developed actual products and entered the mass production stage, which can use in motor control systems produced by Hefei Yingke Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. The test results show that the design is successful and effective


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