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ELNEC BEEPROG+ universal programmer

  • Feature:Supporting 48 Pin driver, free software updates and Downloads Small size, easy to carry
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
  • Shipping:FREE DHL/FEDEX/EMS...

Programmers from Europe
Supporting 48 Pin driver, free software updates and Downloads
Small size, easy to carry
Pin Foot Automatic Detection, Providing Real-time Detection Information
Support in-circuit programming (ISP)
Over USB Hub, multiple machines can program in parallel.
Provide detailed real-time help documentation and related IC information
Testable logic IC and Memories PREFIX = O for TTL/CMOSSummary:

_ELNEC is the first member of a new USB-compatible universal Burner Based on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/win7 interface, which can well meet the requirements of the developing society for reliable universal programmers.
In the absence of a series of specific MODULEs, it can support silicon technology of various types, current, and future burnable devices. The best design for the adapter to choose free. Using ISP connectors, programmers can burn ISP-supported chips on circuit boards.
_BEEPROG+is not only a burner, but also can test TTL/COMS logic IC and memory. Also, it allows users to use a series of testing methods.
_Excellent Hardware Design for Reliable Burning and Writing
_BEEPROG + can connect IBM 486 PC, portable desktop computer and IEEE1284 (ECP/EPP) parallel port through USB (2.0/1.1) port or any standard parallel (printer) port. Support the choice of USB/LPT ports connected to BeeProg + to any PC, including from the latest laptop to old desktop computers without a USB port
Based on 48 powerful TTL pin drivers, the FPGA provides high/low/Pullup/Pulldown/read function for each pin foot on the test seat. Advanced driving technology combines the reliability of the circuit. The minimum support voltage is as low as 1.8v, so you can use it to burn all the popular low-voltage devices in the world.
_Burners provide insertion and contact testing before the program and can prevent chip damage caused by improper placement of contacts. These properties avoid chip damage through over-current protection and flow check due to incorrect operation.
Embedded protection circuit can eliminate burner damage or damage due to environment or misoperation. All inputs of BEEPROG + burner, including ZIF test base, are connected to advanced drive technology of PC to provide reliability. The minimum support voltage is as low as 1.8v, so you can burn all the popular low-voltage devices in the world with BEEPROG + burner.
The burner provides contact testing before burning and prevents chip damage due to improper placement. These prevent chip damage due to incorrect operation through over-current protection and flow detection.
The built-in protection circuit can eliminate the damage of the burner or due to the environment or misoperation. All inputs of BEEPROG + program, including ZIF test base, PC connection, and power supply, are protected to prevent ECD from rising to 15KV. BEEPROG + burner from performing edge level voltage burning verification, which can provide burning field and maintain extensive data.
Various adapters support various IC packages, such as PLCC, SOIC, PSOP, SSOP, SSOP, TSOP TSSLP, TQFP, QFN (MLF) SDIP, BGA, etc.
This burner is easy to use and control, with a drop-down menu, shortcut keys, and online help. Selection of devices can do by selecting categories, manufacturers, models, serial numbers and other methods.
Relevant standard burning operation commands (read, blank check, program, verify, erase), some test functions (insert test, flow detection), and some additional features (autoincrement, product mode – start burning immediately after entering the chip).
_Supports all known data formats and automatically identifies and converts appropriate file formats when importing files.
The auto-incremental burning function can assign different serial numbers in each IC, or merely incremental serial numbers, or choose to read serial numbers from the user’s files. The burner software provides detailed IC information, including useful encapsulation of drawings, description of chip labels (the meaning of prefix and suffix).
Program software provides detailed ISP information, including ISP interface definition for the current selected IC, IC peripheral circuit design, and other necessary details. The remote control allows PG4UW software flow control by using BAT or DLL files through other application commands. Jam Player describes jam files in JESD-71 of JEDEC standard, and Jam files generate by the design software provided by the manufacturers of several burners. The chip programming in ZIF seat or ISP connector (IEEE1149.1 JTAG interface).
VME Player explains the _VME file. VME file is a binary variation about SVF file compression, including the implementation of IE1149.1 bus. VME file generates the design software provided by the manufacturers of their programmer. Chips program on ZIF or ISP connector (IEEE1149.1 JTAG interface). It is possible to burn and detect multiple devices through the JTAG chain (ISP-Jam or ISP-VME).
, burner program can connect multiple BEEPROG + burners on the same PC (via USB port), supporting many chips, just as a single BEEPROG + burner supports, but also does not significantly reduce the burning speed. It knows well that cooperative multi-burner-each programmer can work independently, and each programme can burn different chips.
Because the programmer belongs to exclusive equipment products, if it is not a programmer problem, it is not guaranteed to return the mainframe of the programmer for one year.
BEEPROG + is an upgraded version of BEEPROG. BEEPROG + has been discontinued, leaving only the last dozen brand-new machines to be sold out.

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