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MaxWiz WizPro200Nx NEC Renesas Programmer

  • Feature:NEC Renesas Programmer support offline and online programming, support the die programming mode
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
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1 Programmer Features:
1.1 Offline and online programming, support the die programming mode, in the board programming mode and the system continuous burning mode;
1.2 Support serial number programming function, the serial number is 4 bytes long, and the user can apply the address stored in Flash through PC.
The program arbitrarily set, and the initial value and the accumulated amount of the serial number are also arbitrarily set by himself;
1.3 Supports the number of programming and the number of programming of the programmer through the PC application. After the quantity arrives, the programmer automatically
To stop programming, you need to connect a PC to make a new setting or turn it off;

1.4 Automatic chip detection function, the programmer can automatically detect the connection status of the chip and start the programming function without pressing the button.
2 Supported chips:
2.1 original NEC All Flash all series 8/16/32 (subsequent upgrade support) bit MCU;
2.2 original Renesas R8Cxx series and M16Cxxx series 16-bit MCU;
2.3 Renesas Electronics RL78 Series;
2.4 Other series of Renesas Electronics or other chip series (continuous upgrade support, see the latest upgrade of the website).
3 Appearance interface diagram:
Four indicator light:
4.1 Power indicator: After the programmer is powered on, the indicator light is on, indicating that the power is standard;
4.2 Status indicator (red and blue LEDs):
4.2.1 When the programmer is connected to the computer via USB, the blue and red LEDs light up when the PC software of the programmer is turned on, and the buzzer
Ringing two times long;
4.2.2 When the programmer downloads the program and then connects to the power supply:
3⁄4 Red and blue indicators flash alternately: The system is performing internal data verification;
3⁄4 The red light is on, and the buzzer sounds two times long: it indicates that the internal data verification fails, and the computer must be connected to re-download the program data.
3⁄4 The blue light is on, and the buzzer sounds once short; it indicates that the internal data verification of the system is successful, and the chip can be started to be programmed;
3⁄4 The buzzer sounds one beep (about 1 second): There is a problem with the firmware inside the programmer. You need to download the latest from our website.

11.1 programmer input voltage: DC 9 ~ 15V;
11.2 USB1.2 or above interface;
11.3 Programmer interface signal: 3.3V or 5V level input and output;
11.4 Programmer output power: DC 5V ± 10%, <150mA; 11.5 Programmer data storage: >10 years at room temperature;
11.6 Working environment temperature: -20 ° C ~ 70 ° C;
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