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NEC Renesas UPD78K /UPD70F/ RL78 Programmer

  • Feature:Support most of the chip models of Renesas currently in mass production (covering more than 95%);and support upgrade new chip model what you want!
  • PriceIt saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
  • Shipping:Fedex/EMS/DHL free, Fedex/EMS/DHL free
NEC programmer

The FT200 series programmers are based on the improved and upgraded version of the first generation product FT100, which has absorbed a lotGood suggestions and opinions from the first-line manufacturers, production technicians, and R & D personnel in the actual use process,After nearly ten years of industry accumulation and precipitation, a carefully designed high efficiency, high reliability, large capacity,Online and offline programmer with small size, multi-function, and comprehensive coverage.We investigated the advantages and disadvantages of domestic mainstream chip burner manufacturersFrom design to circuit design, interface design, and software design, it is compatible with multiple chip communication interfaces.High-speed programming, compatible with the mainstream automatic burning platform, realizes automatic burning function and has online andOffline function, large-capacity storage, multi-mirror simultaneous storage, and other functions, whether it is mass production or maintenanceOften practical. Software design combined with years of experience accumulation, considering practicality, ease of operation and other factors, afterAfter careful optimization, strong compatibility, very smooth transaction, fast download speed, simple and easy to understand the operation, can supportSupport practical functions such as online upgrade, remote upgrade, and remote download. In the course of use, toEasy to use, each supported chip draws the interface circuit diagram in the host computer software, users can quicklyQuick view interfaces quick definition wiring. We have an experienced R & D team, multiple agents and original factoriesThe support of the staff will be continuously updated in the future, supporting various brands and various devices to meet different customersProduction and maintenance needs.The primary function of the FT200 series programmer is to MCU, MPU, DSP, FPGA, FLASH,The memory of EEPROM and other chips can be erased, programmed, read, etc., with online and offline functions,It can be applied to R & D online download, factory production burning, after-sales maintenance and repair, outdoor product upgrade,Bulk burning by professional burning manufacturers. At the same time, it supports remote code download and limits the number of programming, which is very suitableThe integrated plan integrator issues product upgrade codes to customers. Product Features  2.0 inch LCD true color display, showing menu, status, progress, project name, etc. Large-capacity storage, support 500+ project storage at the same time, the programmer can switch arbitrarily Devices supporting UART, CSI / SPI, SWD, PORT interface The highest rate of UART interface can reach 4Mbps, and the highest rate of SPI interface can reach 12Mbps Support online and offline mode, support designated area programming, online functions support functions such as verification and erasure Support remote encrypted transmission, remote download project, support remote encrypted authorization Support HEX, MOT, S19, BIN and other files, support multi-file loading, insert data at any address Programming support 1.8V ~ 5V wide voltage output, hardware overcurrent detection, adapt to various voltage devices The wide input voltage, support 9 ~ 18V DC input The built-in data is encrypted by DES algorithm to prevent the programming code from being cracked by reverse engineering The extended interface outputs programmer busy, success and failure status; the output can directly drive 5V relay Support RS485 bus remote control, support multiple parallel control The Chinese and English interface can be switched flexibly and can be used at home and abroad Free drive for Windows system, plug, and play 24 hours first-line engineers answer questions online1.3 Technical parametersPower supply: DC9V – 18V (internal positive and negative)Programming interface power output: voltage: 1.8V-5V (± 0.2V) drive current: less than 200maExtended interface 5V output: voltage: 5V (± 0.2V) drive current: less than 200maExtended interface 3.3V output: voltage: 3.3V (± 0.2V) drive current: less than 200maExtended interface status output pin high-level voltage: 5V (± 0.2V)Extended interface status output pin high-level drive current: less than 100ma (can drive 5V relay)Expansion interface 485 communication rate: 4800bpsAsynchronous programming maximum rate: 4Mbps (serial port, etc.)The maximum speed of synchronous programming: 12Mbps (SPI, SWD, etc.) long.

NEC programmer
NEC programmer
NEC programmer

Support chip 

Renesas General: MCU RL78, 78K0, 78K0R, 78K0S, R8C, M16C, RX;

Renesas Automotive Grade: MCU V850, RH850, M32C, R32C

Renesas excavator: MCU M32R

Renesas other MCU lithium battery IC, H8SXBGI: MCU 003/005, L110, L136ROHM MCU 610Qxx, 620QxxMXIC MX25LXX

1) Support most of the chip models of Renesas currently in mass production (covering more than 95%);

2) It can perfectly replace PG-FP5, WX, Hilt and other products;

3) With a 2.0-inch LCD display full-color screen, the industry has accumulated upgraded versions for many years, with powerful functions;

4) Regular manufacturers provide after-sales service;

5) New function can read the number of chips (requires the same chip ID)

6) Supported model list (as of 2019.09.01, the model is continuously updated to receive special chip testing, generation programming, and generation procurement)Supported models:

UPD78F0101H;       UPD78F0102H;       UPD78F0103H;       UPD78F0112H;       UPD78F0113H;       UPD78F0114H;       UPD78F0114HD;       UPD78F0122H;       UPD78F0123H;       UPD78F0124H;       UPD78F0124HD;       UPD78F0132H;       UPD78F0133H;       UPD78F0134H;       UPD78F0136H;       UPD78F0138H;       UPD78F0138HD;       UPD78F0148H;       UPD78F0148HD;       UPD78F0361;       UPD78F0362;       UPD78F0363;       UPD78F0363D;       UPD78F0372;       UPD78F0373;       UPD78F0374;       UPD78F0375;       UPD78F0376;       UPD78F0376D;       UPD78F0382;       UPD78F0383;       UPD78F0384;       UPD78F0385;       UPD78F0386;       UPD78F0386D;       UPD78F0393;       UPD78F0394;       UPD78F0395;       UPD78F0396;       UPD78F0397;       UPD78F0397D;       UPD78F0400;       UPD78F0401;       UPD78F0402;       UPD78F0403;       UPD78F0410;       UPD78F0411;       UPD78F0412;       UPD78F0413;       UPD78F0420;       UPD78F0421;       UPD78F0422;       UPD78F0423;       UPD78F0430;       UPD78F0431;       UPD78F0432;       UPD78F0433;       UPD78F0441;       UPD78F0442;       UPD78F0443;       UPD78F0444;       UPD78F0445;       UPD78F0451;       UPD78F0452;       UPD78F0453;       UPD78F0454;       UPD78F0455;       UPD78F0461;       UPD78F0462;       UPD78F0463;       UPD78F0464;       UPD78F0465;       UPD78F0471;       UPD78F0472;       UPD78F0473;       UPD78F0474;       UPD78F0475;       UPD78F0481;       UPD78F0482;       UPD78F0483;       UPD78F0484;       UPD78F0485;       UPD78F0491;       UPD78F0492;       UPD78F0493;       UPD78F0494;       UPD78F0495;       UPD78F0500;       UPD78F0500A;       UPD78F0501;       UPD78F0501A;       UPD78F0502;       UPD78F0502A;       UPD78F0503;       UPD78F0503A;       UPD78F0503D;       UPD78F0503DA;       UPD78F0511;       UPD78F0511A;       UPD78F0512;       UPD78F0512A;       UPD78F0513;       UPD78F0513A;       UPD78F0513D;       UPD78F0513DA;       UPD78F0514;       UPD78F0514A;       UPD78F0515;       UPD78F0515A;       UPD78F0515D;       UPD78F0515DA;       UPD78F0521;       UPD78F0521A;       UPD78F0522;       UPD78F0522A;       UPD78F0523;       UPD78F0523A;       UPD78F0524;       UPD78F0524A;       UPD78F0525;       UPD78F0525A;       UPD78F0526;       UPD78F0526A;       UPD78F0527;       UPD78F0527A;       UPD78F0527D;       UPD78F0527DA;       UPD78F0531;       UPD78F0531A;       UPD78F0532;       UPD78F0532A;       UPD78F0533;       UPD78F0533A;       UPD78F0534;       UPD78F0534A;       UPD78F0535;       UPD78F0535A;       UPD78F0536;       UPD78F0536A;       UPD78F0537;       UPD78F0537A;       UPD78F0537D;       UPD78F0537DA;       UPD78F0544;       UPD78F0544A;       UPD78F0545;       UPD78F0545A;       UPD78F0546;       UPD78F0546A;       UPD78F0547;       UPD78F0547A;       UPD78F0547D;       UPD78F0547DA;       UPD78F0550;       UPD78F0551;       UPD78F0552;       UPD78F0555;       UPD78F0556;       UPD78F0557;       UPD78F0560;       UPD78F0561;       UPD78F0562;       UPD78F0565;       UPD78F0566;       UPD78F0567;       UPD78F0571;       UPD78F0572;       UPD78F0573;       UPD78F0576;       UPD78F0577;       UPD78F0578;       UPD78F0581;       UPD78F0582;       UPD78F0583;       UPD78F0586;       UPD78F0587;       UPD78F0588;       UPD78F0590;       UPD78F0591;       UPD78F0592;       UPD78F0593;       UPD78F0730;       UPD78F0740;       UPD78F0741;       UPD78F0742;       UPD78F0743;       UPD78F0744;       UPD78F0745;       UPD78F0746;       UPD78F0750;       UPD78F0751;       UPD78F0752;       UPD78F0753;       UPD78F0754;       UPD78F0755;       UPD78F0756;       UPD78F0760;       UPD78F0761;       UPD78F0762;       UPD78F0763;       UPD78F0764;       UPD78F0765;       UPD78F0836;       UPD78F0837;       UPD78F0838;       UPD78F0839;       UPD78F0840;       UPD78F0841;       UPD78F0842;       UPD78F0843;       UPD78F0844;       UPD78F0845;       UPD78F0846;       UPD78F0847;       UPD78F0848;       UPD78F0849;       UPD78F0854;       UPD78F0855;       UPD78F0856;       UPD78F0857;       UPD78F0858;       UPD78F0859;       UPD78F0864;       UPD78F0865;       UPD78F0881;       UPD78F0881A;       UPD78F0882;       UPD78F0882A;       UPD78F0883;       UPD78F0883A;       UPD78F0884;       UPD78F0884A;       UPD78F0885;       UPD78F0885A;       UPD78F0886;       UPD78F0886A;       UPD78F0887;       UPD78F0887A;       UPD78F0888;       UPD78F0888A;       UPD78F0889;       UPD78F0889A;       UPD78F0890;       UPD78F0890A;       UPD78F0891;       UPD78F0891A;       UPD78F0892;       UPD78F0892A;       UPD78F0893;       UPD78F0893A;       UPD78F0894A;       UPD78F0895A;       UPD78F8014;       UPD78F8014A;       UPD78F8015;       UPD78F8015A;       UPD78F8016;       UPD78F8016A;       UPD78F8017;       UPD78F8017A;       UPD78F8018;       UPD78F8018A;       UPD78F8019;       UPD78F8019A;       UPD78F8020A;       UPD78F8020DA;       UPD78F8024;       UPD78F8025;       UPD78F8026;       UPD78F8027;       UPD78F8028;       UPD78F8029;       UPD78F8030;       UPD78F8032D;       UPD78F8053;       UPD78F8054;       UPD78F8055;       UPD78F8071;       UPD78F8072;       UPD78F8073;       UPD78F8074;       UPD78F8075;       UPD78F8077D;       UPD79F8513A;       UPD78F1003;       UPD78F1006;       UPD78F1009;       UPD78F1010;       UPD78F1012;       UPD78F1014;       UPD78F1016;       UPD78F1018;       UPD78F1022;       UPD78F1024;       UPD78F1026;       UPD78F1027;       UPD78F1028;       UPD78F1029;       UPD78F1030;       UPD78F1031;       UPD78F1032;       UPD78F1033;       UPD78F1034;       UPD78F1035;       UPD78F1036;       UPD78F1037;       UPD78F1038;       UPD78F1039;       UPD78F1040;       UPD78F1041;       UPD78F1042;       UPD78F1043;       UPD78F1044;       UPD78F1045;       UPD78F1046;       UPD78F1047;       UPD78F1048;       UPD78F1049;       UPD78F1050;       UPD78F1142;       UPD78F1142A;       UPD78F1143;       UPD78F1143A;       UPD78F1144;       UPD78F1144A;       UPD78F1145;       UPD78F1145A;       UPD78F1146;       UPD78F1146A;       UPD78F1152;       UPD78F1152A;       UPD78F1153;       UPD78F1153A;       UPD78F1154;       UPD78F1154A;       UPD78F1155;       UPD78F1155A;       UPD78F1156;       UPD78F1156A;       UPD78F1162;       UPD78F1162A;       UPD78F1163;       UPD78F1163A;       UPD78F1164;       UPD78F1164A;       UPD78F1165;       UPD78F1165A;       UPD78F1166;       UPD78F1166A;       UPD78F1167;       UPD78F1167A;       UPD78F1168;       UPD78F1168A;       UPD78F1174;       UPD78F1174A;       UPD78F1175;       UPD78F1175A;       UPD78F1176;       UPD78F1176A;       UPD78F1177;       UPD78F1177A;       UPD78F1178;       UPD78F1178A;       UPD78F1184A;       UPD78F1185A;       UPD78F1186A;       UPD78F1187A;       UPD78F1188A;       UPD78F1201;       UPD78F1211;       UPD78F1215;       UPD78F1225;       UPD78F1235;       UPD78F1500;       UPD78F1500A;       UPD78F1501;       UPD78F1501A;       UPD78F1502;       UPD78F1502A;       UPD78F1503;       UPD78F1503A;       UPD78F1504;       UPD78F1504A;       UPD78F1505;       UPD78F1505A;       UPD78F1506;       UPD78F1506A;       UPD78F1507;       UPD78F1507A;       UPD78F1508;       UPD78F1508A;       UPD78F1510A;       UPD78F1512A;       UPD78F1513A;       UPD78F1515A;       UPD78F1516A;       UPD78F1518A;       UPD78F1804;       UPD78F1804A;       UPD78F1805;       UPD78F1805A;       UPD78F1806;       UPD78F1806A;       UPD78F1807;       UPD78F1807A;       UPD78F1808;       UPD78F1808A;       UPD78F1809;       UPD78F1809A;       UPD78F1810;       UPD78F1810A;       UPD78F1811;       UPD78F1811A;       UPD78F1812;       UPD78F1812A;       UPD78F1813;       UPD78F1813A

Support for upgrading and adding new chip models !

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