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hard disk ROM router LCD BIOS SPI FLASH IBM 25 ISP eeprom USB programmer

  • Feature:cheap and high-speed and multifunction support multiple products: hard disk ROM router LCD BIOS SPI FLASH IBM 25 ISP EEPROM programmer
  • Price:very cheap than lowest price online

GZUT EZP_XPro Hi-Speed ​​USB Universal EEPROM Programmer
Full support:
25 series SPI FLASH (BIOS chip);
24 series I2C EEPROM (LCD, memory, motherboard, TV, set-top box);
95EEPROM IBM chip;
Self-contained programming machine interface, direct burning ASUS motherboard CAP BIOS, OTP can read and write locks and offline mass production, online child production, offline copy platform copy, automatic ifiSII chip;
SPI / EEPROM microprogrammer with CORTEX ARM 32 core;
Core integrated real USB2.0 transmission interface, 32-bit CPU 72Mhz running speed (much faster than USB speed with 8-bit 8051 heart);
The most rapid programming object (60MSpi Flash #)
With programming speed and subsequent expansion performance that cannot compare with similar products,
Choose a variety of models of the chip stream;
Speed ​​programming speed:
8MSPI Flash: GD25Q80 burning time is only 4.8 seconds;
Cheap COPY version of the machine, such as the AVR software to simulate the USB SPI burner;
programming a piece of GD25q80 takes 20 minutes
Can you stand this programming speed?
Dedicated upgrade webpage, no matter the host computer programming program, and the lower computer firmware can upgrade infinitely. There is a new flash chip that can’t be programmed. We can notify us to add it, and then we can support it after upgrading the software.

GZUT EZP-XPro usb programmer

EZP Android Ultimate programmer;
GZUT EZP-XPro Programmer;
Independent serial number two yards in one original product Supports massive chips: 24 25 26 93 9S supports automotive 9S chips;
Support Lenovo, IBM crypto chip programming to clear passwords, fingerprints;
Automatic voltage adjustment support SV 3V chip supports 1.8V programming seat;
Automatic identification of 25 chip models, automatic identification of 24 25 93 chip type;
Software, firmware can be downloaded and upgraded remotely online upgrade reminder; software support XP win7 win8 win32/64 bit system;
A software architecture that supports global languages;
Export wholesale cross-chip platform offline mass production, offline copy, with programming machine interface;
Online mass production and online statistical programming data 4 kinds of batch programming mode; programming network card MAC routing firmware mass production preferred support serial number self-increasing batch programming function;
Built-in Flash universal unlocking program, support to unlock the chip that has been locked by the motherboard. The secret “QE” mode supports the ASUS z97 motherboard;
Help 2S chip OTP (EC) interval read, write, close operation; time shift function, automatic, manual data shift;
Support ASUS motherboard CAP format BIOS file direct programming;
Adopt the MicroUSB interface common to Android phones;
Send Android data cable
Support ASUS Z97 motherboard MSI motherboard jSPIl online burning

GZUT EZP_XPro Hi-Speed usb programmer
EZP_XPro usb programmer
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