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Ep968 hand-held general online programmer for stm8, STM32, NXP, mc9s08, PIC, etc

Support the ISP online programming of single-chip microcomputer of major manufacturers: pic, AVR, STM32, hcs08 / rs08, lpc2xxx, lpc9xx, stm8s, stm8l, C8051F… Models are increasing.


High reliability:
The protected interface circuit greatly reduces the chance of accidental damage to the programming machine or target chip. The interface can withstand 15V high voltage without damage (the input state can bear unlimited time).
Besides CRC32 verification, MD algorithm is used to enhance data protection.
The programming timing can be accurate to 14ns (72mhz), and the stability is 20ppm.
The recording is stable and safe. You can also select multiple checks.
Stable operation: short circuit of target board is allowed, neither programmer nor target board will be damaged.
High confidentiality:
Hex and other code files of handset can be encrypted. The encrypted file cannot be read.
It can calibrate the internal RC oscillation and voltage reference, and generate hex file according to the calibration results.
Programmable number limit can be set.
Ep968 does not connect to the server through the network to ensure the security and confidentiality of the user code, and there is no risk of leakage.
It is easy for operators to operate
Advanced chip sensing technology can automatically burn without pressing a key.
Chip burning error has screen and sound prompt.
One operator can watch multiple hand-held computers burning at the same time, which is more flexible and intuitive than the traditional one drag multi burner configuration.
High convenience:
Support import code file format, support bin / hex / S19 / 430txt / IAR simplecode and so on.
USB2.0 interface. Two USB flash disks are built in, one is used to store handset drivers and software, and the other is free for users. There is no need to delay work for not finding drivers and software.
The handset can store 128 user program code files.
The handset can store 64 firmware codes and support the online downloading and programming of different series of MCU / arm chips.
Can be built-in dry battery power supply work, and external power supply. In addition to the use in the production workshop, it is also suitable for use on site.

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