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hard disk drive ROM on-chip read-write programmer ROM probe adapter clip socket support pc3000 MRT

        Hard drive disk ROM (BIOS) read/write adapter  probe clip support pc3000 udma/MRT read write directly
        The complete set includes:
1,0-degree adapter probe clip  1pcs,

2,90-degree adapter probe clip 1pcs,

3,WD dedicated adapter probe clip  1pcs, 
4,handheld adapter 1pcs,

5,ROM programmer 1pcs,

6,FC10P cables 2pcs,

7,Hard disk terminal cables with two command heads on four sides 2pcs,

8,FC10P to DIP8 2 transfer boards 1pcs;

9,USB cable 1pcs;


    The probe clips are named 0 degrees and 90 degrees because after the chip is clamped, the pin of the chip and the angle of the probe clip are different. Only the ones that can clamp the ROM chip can be selected, which has no practical significance. The following two pictures.


Programmer hardware


P1 is the programming voltage selection jumper. Jump 1.8V on the left side and 3.3V on the right side (test found that 80065, 800066 PCB board 1.8V can also use 3.3);
P2: is a probe clip and a handheld female socket;P3 :is a 10P terminal pin, and the terminal line of PC3000 and MRT is universal;P4 :is programming and terminal mode selection. The default jumper is inserted for programming. If you use a terminal function, please remove it;P5 :is a jumper for programming the power supply pin VCC. This is connected in parallel with the S1 button. Whether P5 is plugged in or S1 is pressed, it will provide programming power;If you use a probe clip, you can plug in the P5 jumper and align it with the programmer; if you use a handheld, you can remove the P5 jumper and press the switch on S1 after alignment!In the actual test, if the probe clamp is short-circuited, the software will prompt that there is no device, and the power indicator is off, and it will not burn out within a few seconds! Of course, there is often power for stable people, it does not matter!The terminal function is quite general, but it can be emergency, basically only provides support for the minimum standard of 38400, which is sufficient for PC3000 \ DFL \ MRT.
  2.Programmer software:
(1) Driver installation:
1.1 With programming function, to make sure that the jumper of P4 is inserted, please see the following figure:


The terminal function of the programmer, you need to remove the jumper of P4 and connect it with a USB cable as shown below:


(2) Software Use Open the programmer software  as shown below:


Click on the test. If the model is not recognized, you can pay attention to whether the following four items are accepted. If there are, you can manually select them by referring to the words 1 \ 2 \ 4 \ 8 on the ROM chip,



Take 800022 and 800066 as examples, as shown in the following figure:


3. For stability, please plug in as shown below:

The terminal port to be used must also be selected in the tool. I use the PC3000 as an example for the tool terminal settings, as shown below:
The clip comes with a programmer to convert the terminal COM function and has the same features as terminal boards such as PC3000 \ MRT \ DFL. There are generally four types of boards. The demonstration with a PC3000 terminal is as follows:1.1961 USB class, This is a 6P hole connection.


Please note: In the figure above, the lower pin of 1961 is used.2.1960 types, this 4P hole is connected, as shown below:


3.800041, this 6P bullet pin is connected, as shown below:


4.800022, this 6P spring pin is connected (because of the socket relationship of SATA, you can find a suitable thing to pad it yourself), as shown below:


Below: Use case


The definition of the handheld FC10P foot sequence is as follows:


The definition of the 10P pin of the clip is as follows:


The design principle of the ROM probe clip is to clamp the ROM chip itself through the probe clip directly, and directly read and write through the programmer. The theory is universal; however, due to the online read and write relationship, some hard disk PCB boards cannot be implemented. It mainly focuses on two types of PCBs, Western Digital and Toshiba.     Attention everyone! Note! The white part of the ROM probe clip made of acrylic, and it will break if it stained with alcohol or washing water! The temperature of the yellow part of the washing water at 40 degrees will melt! So be careful not to touch the entire clip!    Attention everyone! Note! The reading and writing function tests may be different due to different machines and different program occupations, and may fail! The programmer is a simple CH341 solution, equipped with an adapter for advanced programmers. If you have a better programmer, it will increase the success rate! The write function should be read as soon as possible and used after verification. Of course, it is best to write another board, and the original ROM program does not move!
When the buyer receives the goods, please contact the seller to request the software for timely instructions.
    Special cheap repair tools Sellers have passed strict functional tests before delivery. The hardware is brand new. After receiving the goods, non-logistic factors cause product damage and do not support returns. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Measured as shown:

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