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MPLAB PM3 Universal Device PIC Programmer

  • Feature:ICSP online programming interface ●Support Microchip's full range of product lines...
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The MPLAB® PM3 Universal Device PIC Programmer is easy to use and can be operated from a PC or as a standalone unit. The entire PIC® device product line from Microchip and the latest dsPIC30F DSC devices can be programmed. MPLAB® PM3 features a large, high-brightness LCD screen (128 x 64 pixels) that displays simple menus, programming statistics, and status information.

The MPLAB® PM3 Programmer has high programming speeds for volume production, which is especially important for devices with substantial memory capacities. It also has an SD/MMC card slot for easy and secure data storage and delivery.

The MPLAB® PM3 programmer features 40 programmable patch pins, each of which can be configured to support many different devices, enabling the entire Microchip product line to endors with virtually no plug-in modules. To high reliability and quick replacement, the plug-in module uses a multi-pin connector. The current PRO MATE® II device programmer plug-in module can use with the adapter for the MPLAB® PM3 programmer.

When connected to a PC host system via a serial or USB port, the MPLAB® PM3 Programmer seamlessly integrates with the MPLAB® Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to provide an extremely user-friendly interface for optimal control during programming. MPLAB® IDE includes a full-featured macro assembler, a powerful software simulator with a symbolic debugger, a program editor with different colour representations, a project manager and high-level language debugging, and support for Microchip and specific third-party development tools (including Compiler, low-cost in-circuit debugger and full-featured in-circuit emulator).

1.RS-232 or USB interface

  1. Integrated In-Circuit Serial Programming™(ICSP™) interface
  2. Fast programming time
  3. Three working modes:
  • Full control of the host mode
  • Safe mode for data security
  • Independent programming mode without PC
  1. Supports all product line interchangeable plug-in modules for all Microchip devices and package types (sold separately)
    6.SQTPSM sequence information function can program unique serial number in PC host mode
  2. Another DOS command line interface can use for batch control
  3. Support PRO MATE II device programmer plug-in module via an adapter (sold separately)
  4. Large size display for easy reading
  5. Field-upgradeable firmware can quickly support new devices
  6. Support digital security card (Secure Digital, SD) and (Multimedia Card (MMC) form of external memory
  7. Buzzer reminder for noisy environments
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