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Xeltek SUPERPRO/6100N

  • Feature:supports the burn / write / test of more than 400 chip brands and more than 100000 chip models;
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
  • Shipping:DHL/FEDEX/EMS free

Xeltek SUPERPRO/6100N is an upgraded version of 6100, which supports the burn / write / test of more than 400 chip brands and more than 100000 chip models. It is the main product of sylte in the next ten years. It is a sharp tool for mass production / maintenance / R & D!
Product sales list (standard configuration)

  1. A new original Xeltek SUPERPRO/6100N programmer;
  2. 1 USB communication cable;
  3. 1 switching power adapter;
  4. 1 warranty card;
  5. One original CD;

Product features:Support more than 100000 kinds of programmable devices, wide range of comprehensive;The burning speed is 30% higher than that of SuperPro 6100, which is suitable for users with extremely sensitive capacity;Support up to 256 Gbytes file burning;144 pin universal drive circuit. Only one adapter is needed for different types of chips in the same package within 144 pins. Universal adapter ensures fast new device support;It directly supports various voltage devices from 1.2V to 5V;The more advanced waveform drive circuit ensures a very high success rate. With the algorithm of IC manufacturer certification, high yield of programming can be guaranteed for low voltage devices, second-hand devices and low-quality devices. The programming results can be checked by high and low voltage to ensure that the results are durable and stable;In the on-line mode, the PC controls the programmer through USB2.0 port (high-speed), which is convenient for debugging and suitable for R & D; in the offline mode, the programmer relies on its own CPU, LCD display and removable memory (standard CF card) to run independently from the PC, which is easy to operate and expand, and is suitable for mass production in the factory. CF card can store more than 100 engineering files according to the capacity;Automatic detection of chip misinsertion and poor pin contact to avoid damage to the device;Perfect over-current protection function to avoid damaging programmer;Rich software functions simplify operation, improve efficiency, avoid errors, and care for users. The project saves the user’s various operations and settings about the object device, including device model setting, input of burning file, setting of configuration bit, batch processing command, etc. in the engineering file, the chip writing operation is entered one step at a time during each operation, effectively reducing the probability of misoperation. Password can be set for engineering documents to prevent data leakage. Batch processing (auto) commands allow users to organize the common command sequences such as erasure, void checking, programming, verification, encryption into a single command to be completed in one step. In the mass production mode, once the chip is correctly inserted into the socket, the CPU will automatically start the batch processing command without manual pressing. Standard serial number generation and insertion function, and can accept user-defined special serial number generator. Log files facilitate quality tracking;Winxp / Windows XP / Windows operating system support;
About device update:

Section 1 / 1. Xeltek adds programming support for new devices from time to time and updates its software on the Internet www.xeltek-cn.com ;Users can download the latest software directly from the Internet for free, so as to check the support list of newer devices in time;
About specification parameters:Device support: EPROM, paged EPROM, parallel and Serial EEPROM, FPGA configuration serial prom, flash memory (nor and NAND), bprom, NVRAM, SpLD, CPLD, EPLD, firmware hub, SCM, MCU, standard logic devices, etc. the device operating voltage is 1.2-5v;Package support: EPROM, paged EPROM, parallel and Serial EEPROM, FPGA configuration prom, flashmemory (nor & NAND) n, bprom, NVRAM, SpLD, CPLD, EPLD, firmware hub, microcontroller, MCU, standard logic;On line communication interface: USB2.0;Offline mode: support offline operation;Power supply specification: input AC 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz; output DC 12V / 2a, power consumption: 15W;

About quality assurance:
Since the date of purchase, the programmer is guaranteed for one year; the adapter and socket are vulnerable and consumable items, and there is no warranty;

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