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1, Shen Zhen OROD Technology keeps tight follow-up with product quality, adopts the suggestions from customers, offers the all-day, all-directional and top-grade market service. We will respond to it within 12 hours at the working time. Before we send goods, we test every product.
2, according to the customer's needs we give the customer a suitable suggestion and refers to the technical guidance after purchasing the chip programmer.
3. Track the delivery of each piece of goods throughout the courier until the customer receives the goods safely.
4. If the product has quality problems, customers can send it directly and quickly to our company for product replacement or warranty.


Our advantage

OROD Technology is professional in chip programmer, and MCU programmer sales IC unlock service, for 20 years we only do one thing: Professional, Focused, Concentrated, We provide free consultation and evaluation, professional and experienced sales team and engineer team 7*24 hours service online. Our advantages :
1. Buyers will pay about 10% of the transaction overhead to buy products on other platforms (such as eBay, Alibaba, Amazon etc.), but choose us to help you to save you 10% cost.
2. we can provide technical support online for related products for buyers to make things useful.
3. OROD Technology has been specialising in the same thing for 20 years and will be ready to go public in the future; we will only do better.
4. Our delivery speed is breakneck. We send the goods almost on the same day that the buyer places the order.

Our advantage

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  • 062019-11 Introduction to EPROM programmer
    EPROM is a ROM memory that has an erasable function and can be reprogrammed after erasing. Before writing, the content must be cleared by ultraviolet light to illuminate the transparent window on its IC card. This type of chip is relatively easy to identify, and its package contains “quartz glass window”. A “quartz glass window” […]
  • 162019-08 Recommend one of the world’s cheapest features to the best quality EEPROM PROGRAMMER
    The most cost-effective programmer supports online programming of the new I3 I5 I7 motherboard BIOS; supports LCD display; supports IBM cryptographic chip reading and writing; supports hard disk ROM reading and writing; router firmware reading and writing; notebook computer, etc.; , 25XX, 26XX, 93, 95 series of massive chips read pg…
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