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Shenzhen OROD Technology is China’s leading electronic authority PCB design, PCB copy board/change board, electrical schematic, chip decryption, prototype debugging, LCD module development authority electric industry research centre. Founded in 2010, is a professional High-speed PCB design provides customers with high-speed PCB HSPICE and IBIS high-speed signal integrity simulation analysis, PCB Design Layout, EMC design and PCB manufacturing, chip decryption, PCB assembly one-stop service.
Shenzhen OROD Technology specialises in single-sided. four-to-three-layer PCB design, SI analysis, EMC design, board copy board (Copy, copy), PCB change board, schematic diagram and BOM single production, PCB production, prototype Technical services such as production and technical debugging, small batch production, high-volume processing, and functional testing of products also provide application software, system software, embedded system software, hardware design, and hardware driver development services. OROD has many engineers who have worked in PCB design and wiring for many years, and have a thorough and thorough understanding of multi-layer PCB boards. The knowledge of high-end PCB board structures and routing rules including laser holes, blind holes and buried holes is even better. People are better. Whether it is component-intensive.computer motherboards, high-end graphics cards, Gigabit network equipment substrates, or high-frequency processing, and low-frequency processing.PHS motherboards, mobile phone motherboards, wireless network cards And other wireless communication equipment, as well as industrial control boards with up to 20 layers of blind holes and buried holes, we can successfully clone one-off according to a set of sound samples (or prototypes) provided by customers.
Our design is professional, standardised, high quality, high efficiency, and at the same time pursue win-win results with customers, upstream and downstream partners, and industry chain. Shenzhen OROD Technology has a complete set of PCB design specifications and strict design quality standards. It can quickly and accurately design the PCB required by customers according to the schematic and structure drawings (or electronic documents) provided by customers, which not only saves customers valuable. Development time and help customers win more business opportunities. OROD is a one-stop service enterprise for PCB cloning, modification, schematic and BOM single production, PCB production, prototype production debugging, small batch finished product processing and can make the schematic diagram of the product according to the sample provided by the customer with intact components. The readability of the image is comparable to the original design. Our company has professional-grade precision measuring instruments, which can provide customers with a complete list of components (BOM list) under the premise that the device Mark is identifiable. The PCB manufacturer with long-term cooperation with OROD has more than 20 layers of multi-layer board and multi-stage laser blind buried hole board production capacity, which can process large line spacing of 3mil (0.075mm) and high precision of 4mil (0.10mm). PCB board, the production capacity of more than 50,000 square meters per month. OROD has several hardware and software engineers who have engaged in the design and development of electronic products for many years. They have extensive experience in the testing and debugging of electronic products and have a good understanding of mass production work.
Since the establishment of OROD, we have consistently pursued the tenet of “Quality First, Fast Service, Quality and Speed, Customer Value”, with the business philosophy of “all customers, everything for customers”, with kindness, self-discipline and progress. The spirit of enterprise, providing customers with solutions to solve all technical problems, with efficient and efficient professional services, and winning customers’ market confidence in the market competition, we have earned the trust and support of many well-known enterprises — a right market image and credibility.
We have professional technical staff, dedicated customer service staff, complete order management, stable long-term manufacturer support!
Our commitment is the credibility of the first guarantee, the quality of the priority, to solve all technical problems for customers, to win the majority of the market for customers!
OROD aims: quality first, fast service, quality and speed, and achieve customer value.
Business philosophy: Everything is for the customer, for the customer’s one.
Entrepreneurial spirit: benevolence, self-discipline, and enterprising.
Our commitment: the credibility of the first guarantee, the quality of the priority.
Create technology as the mission! Guided by technological innovation and achieving win-win, actively promote industrial progress, we will meet your needs for the first time.

The chip program programming is the supporting service provided by OROD in the long-term chip decryption process. After the MCU decryption complete, the customer needs to program the extracted program code into the new empty film to put into the application, but there is no professional programming. Writing tools and technicians, customers writing their chips becomes a problem.

To solve the long-term worries of the customers in the chip programming, OROD Decryption Center specialises in providing services such as programming chips, firing chips (chip firing, IC programming, chip programming), all of which are carried out in our company. Decrypted IC, we provide chip programming for free. At present, it mainly provides OTCROM, EEPROM, FLASH, MCU and other chip type programming services.

We have a variety of advanced programming devices, such as IC writers, IC adapters, chip writers, chip test burners, BGA burners, etc., can professionally and quickly carry out various types of chip programs. Programming not only ensures the accuracy of program programming but also saves chip decryption – the processing time of chip burning, reducing costs for customers.
IC programming chip test, clear chip data
One: undertake IC programming/programming, IC testing, IC circuit analysis, IC program analysis, IC testing is good or bad, precise IC chip data and IC-related technical advice.

  1. The devices that can test: EPROM (27 series), parallel and serial EEPROM (24 93 25 series), serial PROM, FLASH memory (NOR and NAND) (29 39 37 49 28 series), BPROM, NVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, single-chip microcomputer, MCU;
    2, can test IC brand: AMD, SST, INTEL, AMIC, WINBOND, ALTERA, ATMEL, HOLTEK, CATALYST, CHIPCON, DALLAS, FUJITSU, MICRON, MOTOROLA, ICT, NAND FLASH: SAMSUNG (K9F5608U, K9F2808U, K9F6408U), TOSHIBA …(currently supports more than 30,000 devices from 185 manufacturers);
    Second: the sale of IC test machine, the programming/programmer (Nanjing Hilter, Guangzhou Zhou Ligong, Taiwan Hello and other brands); all kinds of IC conversion seat/programming seat/adapter.
    Three: Provide a single chip (MCU) decryption, IC decryption:

Affordable price, excellent quality, sincerely look forward to working with you, welcome your call and business negotiation

Shenzhen Orode Technology’s main MCU chip decryption, and incidental sales of various chip programmers such as:
AVR programmer,
car programmer,
chip programmer,
CPLD programmer,
DSP programmer,
eeprom programmer,
emmc programmer,
eprom programmer,
IC programmer,
ISP Programmer,
NEC programmer,
PIC programmer,
top progarmmer,
universal programmer,
wellon programmer,
xeltek programmer,
And various chip adapters.

Here we mainly talk about one of the featured chip programmers of this site: hard disk ROM programmer, which is the only professional programmer independently developed by our company that supports most of the hard disk ROM chips. The ROM chip can be used to read and write chip programs, and can also support PC3000 / MRT terminals; the four ROM adapters we developed are professional read and write hard disk ROM SOP8. Friends who purchase products, please contact the seller for detailed instructions:

The programmer is a tool for writing data to a programmable integrated circuit. The programmer is mainly used for programming (or writing) of a chip such as a microcontroller (including embedded)/memory (including BIOS). The chip programmer mainly modifies the program in the read-only memory. The programmer is usually connected to the computer and used in conjunction with the programming software.



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