CG100 Car programmer Introduction generation


1. Instrument calibration MCU instrument, 9s12 instrument and eight pin chip instrument are integrated together, which is not available in other equipment. (MCU meter adjustment supports thousands of models, eight pin chip meter adjustment supports thousands of models, and 9s12 meter adjustment algorithm supports very comprehensive). 9s12 series supports more than 50 models of software automatic repair. It supports up to 227 chip models for automatic repair and more than 40 chip models for data reading and writing.

SCM instruments support more than 40 models and 332 models. Especially Dongfeng 29, JAC 81, Geely 19, Futian 13 and Jiangling 30 support more comprehensively.
Eight pin chip meter adjustment supports 60 manufacturers and thousands of models.
Support mb91 series instrument calibration, Honda, Hyundai, Kia and Suzuki, which will be added in real time in the later stage.
BMW mileage modification is supported.

2. Airbags need to be repaired after a car collision.

The airbag repair software directly supports the repair of up to 32 models and nearly 400 models.
Eight pin chip airbags support more than 60 manufacturers and thousands of models.

73. ECU repair is OK for both engine computer and other ECUs.
Full function support for ECU repair of BMW, Volkswagen and Bentley, 15 types of BMW e-series, 15 types of F-series, 10 types of mini10, 3 types of Volkswagen and 1 type of Bentley.
Domestic mt80 and mt60 can be read and written at will

14. Support the body computer repair of GM, Southeast, Audi and Chevrolet;
Support the repair of Audi’s auto power amplifier;
Support the Cruz instrument of GM vehicle series and the air conditioning computer of raffland;
Mercedes Benz’s door control box and intelligent computer;
Corner computer of Audi;
BMW’s e-series, F-series footspace module and Delphi anti-theft.
The strength lies in its general programmer, which supports Renesas, Infineon, Saifa, Motorola, ATMEL, Japan electric appliance, 8-pin chip and parallel memory. It can read ECU computers of many cars, and supports reading and writing of hundreds of CPU models, chip replication and data change.

Difference between standard version and full function version

Cg100 car programmer standard edition (including BDM, MCU, can adapters + 6 EGA adapters):
Support MCU meter adjustment 9s12 series chip meter adjustment airbag repair BMW footspace module brush writing Audi BCM support NEC v85 series Renesas series Infineon series ST series chip programming;
Cg100 full function car programmer version (including three adapters of BDM, MCU and can + six adapters of EGA + key);Support MCU meter adjustment 9s12 series chip meter adjustment airbag repair BMW footspace module to brush Audi BCM
Support NEC v85 series, Renesas series, Infineon series and ST series chip programming. It supports BMW Land Rover to write keys and BMW N-series engine to read isn code

Product functions and advantages

MCU instrument calibration air bag repair computer board programming key matching chip brushing BMW footstep space module brushing
Instrument calibration of 1500 common models Audi power amplifier
1. It is the first to support the reading and writing of the latest Land Rover body computer. All keys are lost and necessary;
2. It supports the calibration of ATMEL series MCU instruments, with low risk of disassembly free operation;
3. Support Freescale 9s12 Series CPU instrument calibration and encryption chip;
4. Support airbag computer repair;
5. Support mt60 \ mt80 computer board ECU programming repair;
6. Support reading and writing of necv850 series, Renesas series, ST series, Infineon series and other chips;
7. Support reading and writing Audi BCM and general vehicle BCM;
8. All support d70f3xxx;
9. Support st10f series, repairable bosh computer, power amplifier, ABS and ddme (st10f272, st10f269 and st10f269 can be read and written at will.)

Accessories list


Function introduction

software showing


Powerful universal car programmer


Why you choose CG100?

1. At present, the most commonly used car programmer on the market is Advantech digital master and 168 decoding experts. Its main functions include adjusting odometer, audio decoding, airbag repair, reading anti-theft password. The supported chips include 8-pin memory, Motorola CPU and NEC CPU. These chips are most used in automobiles, accounting for 70% – 80%. So to buy a car programmer, a digital master or decoding expert is a must. However, more than 20% of the chips (the above two devices are not practical) need to use other car programmers.
2. Now there are two kinds of easy to use:
One is the Auto series programmer, which is Carl auto100 (specially supporting ATMEL MCU) and autoprog (specially supporting 9s12 series, Renesas, Infineon and other CPUs). The chips supported are different, and they can be supported only when they are purchased.
The other is the CG100 car programmer, which supports ATMEL MCU, 9s12 Series CPU, Renesas, Infineon, St, NEC, etc. a set of instruments includes the functions of auto100 and autoprog programmers. Of course, because they are the products of two manufacturers, although the chips are completely included, the models are not exactly the same and have their own advantages.
3. In conclusion, if you want to do instrument calibration, airbag repair, anti-theft and password reading, first, you should buy a set of digital masters or decoding experts, and second, you should buy a set of cg100 or auto equipment. Only in this way can we be more complete. But not all cars can do it. A few cars still can’t do it. This is also very normal. There is no universal programmer in the world! For example, if the 9s12ha \ hy chip is locked (also known as encryption), there is no device to read the data. If it can’t read the data, it can’t be done. There are also ATMEL encryption MCU, some can’t be done. There are also some airbags. If there is no good data, there is no way to do it, so we can only continue to work hard!m

There are three versions for car programmer

There are three versions at present:
1. Standard configuration Version (with 3 adapters): mainly complete ATMEL instrument, 9s12 instrument (supporting encryption chip) and airbag computer repair; Support NEC V850 series, Renesas series, ST series, Infineon series, readable and writable Audi BCM, general vehicle BCM and other functions.

hardware include: (car programmer+3 adapters);



2. Standard advanced version (with 9 adapters): (on the basis of the Standard Version, a set of Atmega adapter (including 1 automobile programmer host and 5 distribution boards) is added: it supports 35080 erasure; it supports 24, 25, 93 and 95 series chips; Atmega parallelism: (atmega8l can be read and written multiple times) ; add 9s08gl16 CPU; support chip functions such as parallel flash: AMD: am29bl802d.

Hardware include(Car programmer+9 adapters)


3. Full function version (with 10 adapters): in addition to all the functions of the Standard Version, BMW cas1 \ cas2 \ cas2 + + \ Cas3 \ Cas3 + \ Cas3 + + \ cas4 \ CAS + key addition and total loss matching, 2005-2008 Range Rover and Bentley key matching are added; Audi power amplifier is supported; Volkswagen ECU repair + BMW isn ₀
Hardware configuration: host + 9 adapters + 1 key adapter (key matching) + give a package of original brand-new chips as a gift.

The CG100 car programmer software language support Chinese and English