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Introduction to EMMC

EMMC (embedded multimedia card) is the standard specification of embedded memory established by MMC Association, mainly for mobile phone products. An obvious advantage of EMMC is that it integrates a controller in the package, which provides a standard interface and manages flash memory, so that mobile phone manufacturers can focus on other parts of product development and shorten the time to launch products to the market. These features are equally important for NAND suppliers who want to reduce lithography size and cost.
EMMC benefits
EMMC is currently the most popular mobile phone solution, which aims to simplify the design of mobile phone memory,
Every time the NAND flash process technology changes, the memory problem also slows down the launch of new models of mobile phones. Therefore, the concept of wrapping all memory and control chips managing NAND flash on one MCP, such as EMMC, is becoming more and more popular.
The design concept of EMMC is to simplify the use of mobile phone memory. NAND flash chip and control chip are designed as one MCP chip. Mobile phone customers only need to purchase EMMC chip and put it into new mobile phones without dealing with other complicated NAND flash compatibility and management problems. The biggest advantage is to shorten the launch cycle and R & D cost of new products, Accelerate the speed of product innovation.
EMMC structure
EMMC architecture consists of an embedded storage solution with MMC (multimedia card) interface, flash memory device and main controller – all in a small BGA package. The interface speed is up to 52mb per second, and EMMC has fast and scalable performance. At the same time, the interface voltage can be 1.8V or 3.3V.
EMMC application
EMMC’s current target application is consumer electronics with high storage capacity requirements. Some popular products that have been mass produced this year, such as Palm Pre, Amazon Kindle II and flip MinoHD, have adopted EMMC. In order to confirm what kind of memory these products use, iSuppli disassembled them using the disassembly analysis service and found EMMC in them.
EMMC development trend
The standard of EMMC specification has gradually developed from EMMC 4.3 generation to EMMC 4.4 generation. EMMC 4.5 is about to come out. The next generation of EMMC will be replaced by UFS (Universal flash storage) specification led by Samsung Electronics. In the future, other MCP products such as further MCP products will also include mobile ram. Therefore, to fight the war of embedded memory, it also depends on the completeness of memory resources and technologies.
Introduction to EMMC Association
MMC association is an open standards organization dedicated to the formulation of physical layer, function and interface specifications of multimedia memory card (MMC). The stamp sized MMC is a removable memory card, which is mainly used in mobile phones, digital cameras and other portable consumer electronics. Although the MMC Association focuses on removable removable removable memory cards, it also supports the application of MMC interface standards in other embedded devices or removable removable components or subsystems, such as hard drives.
MMCA Association, established in 1998, provides a global forum for memory card manufacturers, semiconductor parts suppliers, software manufacturers and mobile electronic equipment manufacturers. Manufacturers joining this association will work together to promote the global application of MMC card and MMC standard.

EMMC programmer and adapter socket

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