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Making of a simple PIC MCU programmer


PIC programmer make by yourself

PIC MCU is far ahead in the current MCU world in terms of performance and price. For example, it has the advantages of AD conversion, large driving current at each port and direct driving of nixie tube. However, many of our learners have been confused about its expensive burner and simulator. Recently, I found some information on the Internet. Through experiments, I found that a PIC MCU programmer can be built with few common components and simple circuits, and the software is also free. You can download it directly on the Internet. If you are interested in it, you can enter the field of PIC MCU almost without investment. Learn PIC MCU well and give full play to its functions and advantages.
1、 Manufacture of PIC programmer
You can connect according to the circuit in Figure 1 without providing power for this circuit. The power is directly provided by 9-pin serial port. When connected, there are 5 wires connected to the single chip microcomputer. It can support pic12c5xx, 12c67x, 24cxx, 16c55x, 16c62x, 16c71, 16c71x, 16c8x and 16f8x Series MCU. You just connect VCC, GND, MCLR / VPP, RB7 / PGD. 0sc1 ₛ rb6 / PGC to the PIC MCU you want to program. For example, the corresponding pin of PIC16F870 single chip microcomputer can program the single chip microcomputer. (VCC corresponds to 20 pins of single chip microcomputer, GND corresponds to 8 and 19 pins of single chip microcomputer. MCLR / VPP corresponds to 1 pin of single chip microcomputer. RB7 / PGD corresponds to 28 pins of single chip microcomputer. Osc1 corresponds to 9 pins of single chip microcomputer. Rb6 / PgC corresponds to 27 pins of single chip microcomputer. The pin diagram of PIC16F870 single chip microcomputer is shown in Figure 2 (omitted) . if you can find cheap components, the total cost is less than 5USD. If you use some old electrical appliances to dismantle some of the components inside, it will hardly cost money to make it.
The programming software can be ic-prog and ponyprog2000. It is recommended to use ic-prog, because the programming speed and stability are better than ponyprog2000 regardless of the supported devices. However, the source code must be compiled into hexadecimal data with MPLAB of PIC company, and then these two software are written to the single chip microcomputer.

pic16f87x MCU Pipeline pin diagram

pic programmer-2

How To use the PIC programmer

Note: the connection between this programmer and the computer adopts 9-pin serial port. If you don’t have it, you can use 25 pin serial port, but the wiring needs some changes, as follows:
25 pin serial port to 9-pin serial port, 2 to 3, 7 to 5, 5 to 8, 20 to 4, 4 to 7.
2、 Operation steps:
The operation steps after successful production mainly include the following steps:
(1) Compile the source code with MPLAB;
(2) Compilation succeeded;
(3) Connect the self-made programmer to the computer, and connect the five wires of the programmer to the corresponding MCU pin;
(4) Open the burning software and select the chip model to burn;
(5) Open the hexadecimal or binary file compiled by MPLAB;
(6) Select write chip in programming software;
(7) Write successfully, run the program
In short, it is so simple that you can complete what the burner does for hundreds of dollars. However, the disadvantage of this programmer is that it is a little slow to write films. Please improve it further. It is possible to improve the programming speed by referring to other materials.

If the simple programmer you make is not enough for you to use. That can only spend more money to buy other pic programmers!

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