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AT89C51 Eprom Programmer

EPROM read-only memory widely uses in the development of electronic technology. Specialized programmers write general programs. However, such programmers are relatively expensive, and their use is subject to certain restrictions, and they serve as engineering designers. EPROM programming Is an indispensable development tool, can other methods be used to design a simple EPROM programmer instead of a select programmer. Therefore, it is envisaged to use the AT89C51 microcontroller to design and develop an EPROM programmer, which has been proved by actual use. The programmer composed of AT89C51 microcontroller can meet the general requirements of engineering design, and the price is low.
System function.
The functions that this programmer needs to complete are: use Chinese characters to prompt the current operation information; be able to program, modify and read the EPROM chip correctly, and detect the EPROM chip. You can use the ESC key to exit at any time during the operation. When an error occurs, There are voice alarms, and text prompts.

eprom programmer

Third, hardware designAT 89C51 is a MCU with full computer functions. This system uses the AT 89C51 MCU as the core to form an EPROM programmer. The PC used as the upper-level control machine, and the program to be cured write on the PC. The PC transmits the data to the MCU. The MCU controls the programming operation of the EPROM chip. The whole block diagram is shown in Figure 1.

eprom programmer


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