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Cheap USB Programmer

What is USB programmer?

USB Programmer

The USB programmer connects to the computer USB through a USB cable. The independent external power supply makes the operation more convenient and the programming more stable. It uses the graphical interface under Windows and the mouse to operate. It supports Windows 7 / windows10 system, with programming instructions and control programs. The working interface is friendly, and the various operations on the chip become very simple, whether it is electronics or computer enthusiasts can quickly grasp.
Multi-function USB programmer: Support AT89 series chip, AVR chip, EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH and serial EEPROM series chip. Commonly used PIC microcontroller chip; low price, high-cost performance; suitable for automotive electronics and computer enthusiast, Also suitable for electronic computer maintenance personnel and microcontroller developers.
You can support more than 200 devices without adding an adapter. After adding an adapter, you can help a full range of 51 series microcontrollers and the latest high-capacity program chips! Supports 3.3V and 2.9V voltage chips. Using the FWH (PLCC32) converter, it can support 3.3V voltage chips such as N82802AB, SST49LF002, SST49LF004 used on the latest Intel810, 815, 845 motherboards. Can help, really is a cost-effective programmer.
[span] is mainly used by the programmer to refresh the motherboard BIOS chip, graphics card BIOS chip, network card startup chip, EEPROM serial chip, etc.
The programmer can divide into a universal USB programmer and a dedicated USB programmer in terms of functions. The special-purpose programmer has the lowest price and has a small number of applicable chips. Series programming. The full-featured general-purpose type can generally cover almost (not all) all the chips that currently need to be programmed. Due to the cumbersome design and high cost, which restricts sales, the final selling price is extremely high, which is suitable for situations where a large number of chips need to be programmed.


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