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AVR USB ASP ISP Programmer ATMEGA8 32 64 128 8535 S51 S52

  • Feature:AVR USB ASP ISP Programmer ATMEGA8 32 64 128 8535 S51 S52 and cheap price
  • Shipping:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc., Free Post Airmail Shipping

Support 32/64 bit WIN XP, VISTA, WIN7 WIN8 WIN10

Product parameters:

  1. Plug in the computer through a 1.5m high-quality USB cable, which is more convenient than ordinary small USBASP.

2, support XP WIN7 WIN8 WIN10 and other operations 32/64 bit system.

3, using USB port power supply, 500mA can restore the fuse, there is short-circuit over-current protection, MCU power supply uses a one-button switch design, easy to operate while using a one-button switch for 3.3/5V conversion.

  1. Download completion does not affect the operation of the target board.

4, support S51 and AVR series of all the chip burning, the speed is faster and more stable than the parallel port ISP; is an excellent choice for notebooks and computers without parallel port (only AVR series DIP40 foot single chip can use in the programming block, S51 Or other pins use a conversion seat, or a general ISP interface to burn online).

5, the new version of ultra-stable firmware, low-speed download without hardware jumper selection, download speed is faster, more stable.

  1. Use the standard IDC10 interface.
  2. Use PORGISP1.72 to download the software.

USB-ASP download line shipping list:

USBASP Programmer 1

High-quality USB cable 1 (1.5m)

IDC10 core cable 1 30CM

This programmer can only program DIP40 MCU of AVR series. If you need to program DIP28 MCU and AT89S series MCU and SMD MCU, you need to purchase another adapter.

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