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EZP Multifunction EPROM Programmer Introduction

EZP in the Netherlands design this multi-function EPROM programmer. It is not only powerful, supports a lot of chips, but also has a low price and high-cost performance. It is suitable for electronics and computer enthusiasts, and also ideal for electronic computer maintenance personnel and Used by microcontroller developers.
This programmer supports most EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH and serial EEPR0M series chips, and also supports some commonly used PIC microcontrollers. Without adding an adapter, it can support more than 200 device programming and can support FWHBI0S chips used on 810, 815, 845 motherboards. After adding an adapter, it can support commonly used 51 series microcontrollers and AVR series microcontrollers, and the latest high-capacity program chips. For MCU enthusiasts, you can add corresponding adapters for MCU development and learning. For home appliance maintenance personnel, it can be used to program memory chips for VCD, TV and other appliances. For computer enthusiasts, this programmer can be used to process the BIOS chips of various boards of the computer. For example, repair the motherboard BIOS chip damaged by a virus, upgrade the BIOS chip of the motherboard, graphics card, etc. to improve the performance of the computer, and so on.
The software supporting the multi-function programmer is a green software that can be used without installation and supports WindowsME / 95. / 98. / 2000 system. All Windows graphical interfaces can be controlled by mouse, whether it is electronics or computer enthusiasts. And the program is constantly being upgraded, and more chips will be supported in the future. The latest version of the software is 0.97G, and the hardware version is V3.1. The content introduced in this article is based on V3.1 hardware.

Chips supported by EPROM multi-function programmer (about 370 types)

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