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How to use hard drive ROM programmer read/write

The design principle of the hard dirve disk ROM probe clip is to clamp the ROM chip itself through the probe clip directly, and directly read and write through the programmer. The theory is universal; however, due to the online read and write relationship, some hard disk PCB boards cannot be implemented. It mainly focuses on two types of PCBs, Western Digital and Toshiba.

     Attention everyone! Note! The white part of the ROM probe clip made of acrylic, and it will break if it stained with alcohol or washing water! The temperature of the yellow part of the washing water at 40 degrees will melt! So be careful not to touch the entire clip!

    Attention everyone! Note! The reading and writing function tests may be different due to different machines and different program occupations, and may fail! The programmer is a simple CH341 solution, equipped with an adapter for advanced programmers. If you have a better programmer, it will increase the success rate! The write function should be read as soon as possible and used after verification. Of course, it is best to write another board, and the original ROM program does not move!

First, here are some small details before use:

1. After receiving the courier, check whether the appearance is intact. It is best to put it on the table when unpacking, unpack it after laying flat, carefully hold it to the ground, and engage in curved needles, which cannot repair!

2. The complete set includes one 0-degree probe clip, one 90-degree probe clip, one handheld, one hard drive ROM programmer, two FC10P cables, two 4-sided command heads, two FC10 to DIP8 adapter boards, and a complete set of products As shown below

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