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Three models are currently several cheaper 24..25 series USB programmers CH341a

Recently, many friends inquired about the programmer. For me, I also learned a bit. Based on the principle of sharing, I will briefly talk about some options and applications of the programmer on the router.
As its name implies, a programmer is a machine that write chips. I have collected several programmers at the moment, and I want to tell you about the shortcomings. I hope that the various gods will make a supplement, the above picture:

These three models are currently several cheaper 24..25 series USB programmer. Speaking of this CH341a ~
At present, most of the friends in the forum use this section. This section is mostly copied ver. The later software support is abysmal. The genuine version is currently only done. The cut-off version of copy ver software is 1.30. The spirit copy ver and actual are bought. The picture above is copy ver local gold. For SPI flash memory, it is generally only supported to 16m, and some people say 32m, but when I test to burn 32m flash memory, I always fail, there are also Some people say that only breed is consumed, but I think it is still a problem of supporting breaks. The burning speed is slow, but it is relatively mature. For the so-called genuine, there are 31 yuan and 68 yuan versions, 31 yuan does not support 1.8-volt chips, plus anti-cracking, real users need to contact the new authorization to change computers, this is not perfect, 68 yuan has a dongle. However, the price/performance ratio is relatively low. The only comfort is that the author’s software update supports more chips.
The xtw100 on the left has divergent opinions on the Internet, and some treasures are also pleased. Compared to 341, this model has a relatively fast burning speed, slightly more than pirated support chips. Some people are currently doing upgrade maintenance, but they are relatively slow, less than the genuine 341 support chip, okay, if the chip support to catch up later, it is still optional ~ the disadvantage is the driver signature, not here, I asked the store, Microsoft authorization is for money, this is cheaper, The store does not want to pay this fee, benevolent see it.
This mini pro I on the far right is also the latest released by a store. I was fortunate enough to buy one. It is not expensive. The central control is a bit worse than xtw100. The speed of writing is relatively fast, and the reading is prolonged. The support chip is the same as xtw100, which is not bad. I think novices are worth buying ~
Of course, there are many other programmers. I will not elaborate on them one by one. Based on my understanding, I hope that my friends will add corrections ~ I will post a little opinion on the programmer ~

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