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what’s chip programmer and how to use

A chip programmer is a tool for writing data to a programmable integrated circuit. The programmer is mainly used for programming (or writing) of a chip such as a microcontroller (including embedded)/memory (including BIOS). The programmer mostly modifies the program in the read-only memory. The programmer is usually connected to the computer and used in conjunction with the programming software.

Usage: The basic configuration of the data copy operation of the memory using the programmer is: one computer (the programmer does not have high requirements on the computer. as long as it can run the Windows 98 operating system), a programmer And driver software for the programmer. The general steps are as follows:

1 Connect the programmer to the computer. Different programmers are connected to the network in different ways. Some programmers are connected to the computer’s parallel port (printer interface), some are connected to the computer’s serial port (COM1 or COM2), and some use the USB interface (such as RF910). ). In terms of speed, the USB interface is the fastest, and the serial port is the slowest.

2 Install the driver software that is compatible with the programmer to the computer, and make relevant settings for the programmer as required.

3 Run the programmer driver software; the figure shows the running interface of the RF910 driver software. Select the memory model.

4 Operate the programmer driver software to read the required data stored in the computer as a data source.

There are two ways to obtain the memory data source: the first is to find a normal display of the same model as the repaired faulty machine: remove the memory, insert it into the programmer, read the data, and save it to the computer. The second is to directly use the memory data that has been saved in the computer (either the data backup that I have done before, the data provided by the manufacturer or the data downloaded from the Internet).

5 Insert the blank memory (or the used memory) into the programmer, operate the programmer driver software, and the chip programmer writes the standard data to the unused memory.

6 Replace the new memory with the data written on the faulty machine.

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