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Which brand universal programmer is good?

FlashPRO800 intelligent universal programmer:

universal programmer

FlashPRO series programmer products deduct a major technological breakthrough, from the slow speed of traditional programmers, support for fewer chips, to the current cost-effective, reliable, fast universal programmer, working directly with the computer USB port, it’s drive interface. The software makes the operation very convenient.
◎ chip adapter universal
◎ Chip pin automatic detection function
◎USB interface online/offline mode
◎ Support more than 25,000 chip programming
◎ integrated menu, Chinese / English software interface
◎ Support chip operating voltage range: 1.5V ~ 6.5V
◎Support devices: E(E)PROM, FLASH, MCU, PLD, etc.
◎Support package: DIP, BGA, CSP, PLCC, QFP, SOP, TSOP, etc.

Programmer Brand -2 Sylter Programmer

They are upholding the tradition of technological innovation, relying on a keen understanding of customer needs, creating a leadership position in employment. Salter’s programmers cover everything from R&D to mass production, from online to offline, from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, to meet your needs.

ELNEC Programmer

PIKprog2 is a new generation member of ELNEC’s dedicated burner based on the Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP interface.

Function introduction:

■ Portable Microchip dedicated high-speed programmer

■ Support for burnable ICs: 8,666

■Support ISP burning

■ Parallel port connection PC optional high-speed IEEE1284 interface

■40PIN DIP package IC without conversion seat

■ PIKprog2 is a new generation member of ELNEC’s dedicated burner based on the Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP interface.

■ Supports the current commonly used microcontrollers (840pin) in the Microchip family and the PICmicro family, using parallel or serial algorithms.

■ It does not develop into a graded programmer but meets all the requirements for graded programmers’ microchips.

■ It works closely with MicrochipTM, so the programmer’s hardware supports all current and future PICmicro microcontroller families.

■ PICProg2 is a small, fast, very lightweight programmer that supports the PICmicro microcontroller family.

■ Series EEPROM: Includes IIC (24CXX), Microwire (93Cxx), SPI (25Cxx), etc. IC generation

■ The PICmicro microcontroller family can program with a series of algorithms using the built-in ISP connector burner.

■ Provide competitive prices and design high-quality hardware for high-reliability programming. From this point of view, it has a good price/performance ratio.

■ fast IC programming speed due to high-speed FPGA hardware drivers and IEEE1284 (ECP/EPP) high-speed parallel port support.

■ From this point of view, it is faster than competing products. PIKProg2 can connect to IBM 486 or above PCs, portable, personal desktop computers through any standard parallel (printer) port (no other dedicated interface). Therefore, it is convenient to move from one computer to another without assembling/removing the PC.

The G540 is an essential general-purpose programmer for development and learning. With its excellent stability (close to 0 repair rate), GENIUS series products have become our hot products with high-cost performance. For the G540, we have perfected its operability and met the needs of most users with effortless operation.

To improve user efficiency and avoid errors, the G540 Programmer/Writer can combine functions such as erasing, emptying, programming, comparison, and encryption into one-button programming. The default one-click programming contains different operating items depending on the programming/burning object. The user can change the operation item according to his own needs and can perform a specific operation separately. After you close the software, re-open the software without having to load the program you used the last time repeatedly. The G540 will remember the previously loaded program. A friendly, simple, and easy-to-understand software interface helps you get the job done.

Programmer brand ranking seven – Zhou Ligong programmer

The SmartPRO6000F programmer with the new Smart-FPS architecture includes a 4-core high-performance processor optimised for programming applications, and a BlueThunder (Blue) engine to achieve a theoretical data transmission bandwidth of 200 MByte/s, far exceeding the current chip limit. It can support up to 2TB of high-density device programming. The SmartPRO6000F Programmer can program 4 or 8 Flash chips simultaneously, increasing the programming speed by a factor of several.

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