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Chip programming Affecting the Speed Reasons and the Analysis of Chip programming Efficiency

The Reasons Affecting the Speed of chip program and the Analysis of Chip programming Efficiency
When programming chips, we may encounter the problem of slow programming speed of some chips, which affects the production efficiency. The main reasons for the difference in programming speed are as follows:

  1. Maximum write speed difference of IC;
    The efficiency difference of the same kind of chips produced by different manufacturers is due to the difference in the chip writing speed caused by the production process of different manufacturers, which affects the chip programming rate.
  2. Program size
    Generally speaking, the larger the program file, the longer it may take to program it into the IC.
  3. Program Method
    JTAG interface burns faster than the UART interface.
  4. programmer problem
    For different burners, the programming time of the same chip will be more than half.
  5. programming Channel Problem
    The more channels, the more chips that can program, the higher the programmer efficiency.
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