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How to choose a good programmer

The programmer is divided into a manual programmer and an automatic programmer.
Manual programmers can be further divided into: dedicated programmers, universal programmers, and mass production programmers.
Prices range from a few hundred dollars / Taiwan to tens of thousands of dollars / Taiwan, IC programmers currently have high-end and other manufacturers.
With such a significant price disparity, how to choose the right company or factory? Here are a few guidelines for your reference.
1, stability.
Generally, the programmer technology in Europe and America is mature, and the performance is stable. For example, the programmer produced by ELNEC is quite durable and has a high market share;

  1. Recognise the brand.
    Under normal circumstances, the well-known IC programmer have to be verified by the market, so the quality is relatively good, such as ELNEC, etc., the programmers produced by the US European programmer factory, the longest, the most mature technology, from the quality, brand In terms of perspective, it is the best choice;
    3, programming speed:
    The programming speed of the programmer is also essential. At present, the market has the latest products such as ELNEC’s BEEHIVE204, BEEHIVE208 programmer;
  1. the programming speed is ten times that of other machines of the same type. It is recommended to select BEEHIVE204 for 64M or fewer chips, M1950 or DATA IO for programming above 64M, among which M1950 The most significant output (16 seats);
  2. How many IC models are supported:
    Usually, programmers that support more chip models are better. For example, the Elnec programmer, as of March 15, 2011, supports more than 60,000 ICs and is still growing.
  3. After-sales service:
    Due to its strong professionalism, the programmer has many types of consumables, which are easy to come out with various problems, so it is imperative after the sale. Like ELNEC has a professional sales and technical support team in the mainland, for example, Puluo Electronics in South China; Putron Electronics in East China.
  4. Is it capable of developing consumables such as programming seats and upgrading IC support?
    As the types of IC chips are updated, previous programmers are not suitable for use, and programmers are required to develop new programmers.
    1. Select the programmer to choose the different programmers based on the size of the chip to be programmed, the amount of the IC, the amount of budget, etc. Mass production and stability, you can choose automatic programmers, such as Chiptool’s semi-automatic programming machine, PG300 automatic programming machine; small manufacturing, you can select manual programmer.
    2. Determine the type of IC that you want to program.
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