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What’s Function for SF100 SPI?

Sf100 can burn serial flash memory welded on the board at high speed or burn Freescale MCU with serial program interface. The burner is simple, convenient and practical. It also has an easy-to-use software interface and powerful burning function. It only needs to be connected with USB cable and dediprog software.


What’s SF100 SPI features?

Sf100 can provide power burning for the serial flash welded on the board or use external power supply for burning
Burn Freescale MCU. Serial program interface (mcf5223, mcf5221, mcf5213) is used for internal serial flash of MCU, and SBF interface (mcf5445, mcf5227) is used for external serial flash of MCU
Control application controller reset and MOS tube isolation status
It can control the new function of burning two serial flashes respectively: (serial number is dp001325, firmware version is 2.0.4, software version is more than 2.0.37)
USB interface
Start key function
Signal conflict protection function
Simultaneous burning with multiple burners
Windows 2003 and later versions are supported
Support for 32 and 64 bit operating systems
Support 1 CS pin

What about hardware for SF100?

The sf100 is designed with ISP connection line (Figure 1: 2×7 connection line). If it is correctly connected, the user can control the burner and drive SPI signal, control serial flash, and control the state of the controller and application board. Dediprog provides the connection line of sf100 burner to connect the burner (2×7) and the chip to be burned welded on the board (Figure 2: 2×4).

The sf100 USB interface and multiple software interfaces can be used flexibly to meet the different and higher and more stringent needs of the market and customers:

What are the ISP hardware requirements?

In order to clearly understand the startup methods of different ISPs or backup and different involved circuits, please download the application documents specified by us in the document section: an0103 and an0106.

What does the standard configuration include?

Sf100 burner x 1
USB cable x 1
ISP cable x 1
Sf100 universal adapter x 1SF100-0

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