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EE100 EEprom programmer

  • Feature:Off-line, the EE100 has fast programming speeds, whether the EEPROM is soldered on the board or programmed on the programming block.
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.

EE100 EEPROM IC dedicated programmer

Whether programming in-circuit or off-line, the EE100 has fast programming speeds, whether the EEPROM is soldered on the board or programmed on the programming block.
Specification characteristics

description :

the ee100 is a high speed “in system programming” and “offline” programmer to update the EEPROM soldered on board or inserted in the socket for development, production or in the field.

it has been designed to answer the market demand for a professional EEPROM programmer.

the ee100 supports i2c EEPROM, spa EEPROM and microwire EEPROM with different voltages and frequencies.

the ee100 can support standalone mode to program volume EEPROM without a computer.

the ee100 USB software toolchain offers high flexibility and fits the different and highest requirements:

-engineering graphics user interface: for engineers and expert to access advanced features for development, repairing etc.

-production graphic user interface: for operators in production to control multiple programmers and improve the throughput.

-command line interface: customer software can control the multi ee100 programmers (ee100 integration, control ee100 with production in circuit tester..)

features :
dedicated and optimised for the market EEPROM update EEPROM soldered on board with an application powered or not update EEPROM in socket control application using io (reset controller)full speed USB interfaces and alone mode embedded protections (inrush current, current limitation, overvoltage..)high performances start button feature multi-programmers capability

hardware :

ee100 design with isp header, through an appropriate connector, users can connect the programmer and drive the spa, i2c or microwire EEPROM signals, supply the memory and control the application.
palm size: 10cm5cm1.5cm

table 1: ee100 isp header pinout (2×7)

table 2: isp cable connector pinout (2×5)

contents :

1x USB cable1x ee100 programmer1x isp cable CD-ROM with software, specifications and user manual

Professionalism best meets the EEPROM market;
Programmable soldering on the board without controlling the EEPROM on the converter via control I/O (reset controller);
Full speed USB interface;
Offline mode;
In-line protection circuit (current overshoot, electrostatic discharge, current limit, overvoltage);
high efficiency;
START button one-button programming function;
Multiple programmers work at the same time;

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