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ELNEC BeeHive204 universal high-speed High-volume programmer

  • Feature:BeeHive204 is an unparalleled programming speed that supports multi-programming systems with 4x 48-pin universal drives
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
  • Shipping:Free shipping

High quality programmer from Europe
■ 48 Pin Universal Driver support, free software update download;
■ Supports programmable ICs: 51,513;
■ Ultra-fast programming speed (64-Mbit Nor Flash is less than 7 seconds, 1Gbit Nand flash is 70 seconds less);
■Small size, strong function and easy to carry;
■Pin foot automatic detection, providing real-time detection information;
■ Support In-circuit programming (ISP);
■ Through the USB Hub, multiple machines can be connected in parallel for mass production programming;
■ Provide detailed real-time help documentation and related IC information;
■ Logic IC and Memories that can test TTL/CMOS;
■Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/XPx64/Vista/7 compatible software;
■ Three-year quality assurance, no worries;


● BeeHive204 is an unparalleled programming speed that supports multi-programming systems with 4x 48-pin universal drives. Designed for high volume production programming, it saves the workforce. IC programming speeds almost reach the theoretical maximum.

● In addition to the hardware of the BeeProg programmer, the BeeHive204 has four independent programming modules. Therefore, the programming block can operate in a parallel programming model. Once the programmer detects that the IC is placed in the test socket, the programming module starts to burn –
Independent of the other modules. When you remove the fourth programmed IC, the other three modules work as well.

● Hardware component structure – the programming module operates independently – allowing some circuits to operate as usual. It also makes maintenance fast and straightforward.
● Hands-free operation: Asynchronous cooperative service allows the IC to start programming as soon as it is placed. The operator removes the programmed IC and sets the new IC.
● It supports a variety of programmable ICs and existing and future silicon technologies without the need for dedicated modules. You know, IC support requires an updated software and
(if necessary) a simple packaged converter (burn adapter). Thereby reducing user fees.
● Provides a very competitive price, for
Reliable programming and excellent hardware design, in this respect, is a better cost-effective programmer. Hardware:
● FPGA is based on Forty-eight powerful TTL pin drivers, providing High/Low/Pull up/Pulldown/read for each pin on the test bench. Advanced drive technology combined with high-speed and high-quality circuit reliability. Minimum support voltage As low as 1.8v, you can use it to burn all the superior low voltage ICs in the world.
● The programmer provides plug-in and contact tests before programming and prevents chip damage caused by improper placement. These properties prevent chip damage due to over-current Protection and flow check due to incorrect operation.
● The self-test function can run the diagnostic part of the software to test whether the status of each module is good thoroughly.
● Embedded protection circuit can eliminate damage to the programmer or damage to the programmer due to environmental or misoperation. All inputs of the BeeHive204 programmer, including the ZIF test socket, the connected PC and the power supply are protected from ECD rise to 15KV.
● The BeeHive204 programmer performs critical voltage program verification, which can significantly improve programming throughput and ensure great data recognition.
● Supports converters for various IC packages, such as LCC, SOIC, PSOP, SSOP, SSOP, SOPTSSLP, TQFP, QFN (MLF) SDIP, BGA, etc.
● Software (production mode control) software: * This part of the software is used for quick preparation when using production mode control.
* Each programming module is driven by a convenient control program.
The control program has drop-down menus, shortcuts and online help. The
IC can select by selecting the type, vendor, or just entering part and model of the manufacturer name. Just like the software of the other ELNEC, it is proof of time. * Standard IC-related
Instructions (read and write, new detection, programming, detection, erasure) are extended to some test functions (insertion test, connection test, signal byte detection), and some unique features (automatic increment, production mode) – Programming starts immediately after the IC place in the test stand). All known data formats are supported.
The file format is automatically detected and converted when the file is downloaded. It is also possible to use the Jan file (JEDEC standard
JESD-71) and the VIME file. * A feature-rich auto-increment function gives each programmed IC a separate serial number – or adds a serial number. This function reads the serial number or IC ID number from the file. * The software also provides detailed information on the programmed IC. A variety of package drawings are available. The software also explains the supported IC logo (the meaning of the IC suffix).

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