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ELNEC BEEPROG3 universal high-speed programmer

  • Feature:The ultra-fast universal 4 x 64-pin driver production programmer focuses on high-capacity IC
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
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The ultra-fast universal 4 x 64-pin driver production programmer focuses on high-capacity ICs, making it ideal for demanding manual programming and automated programming.
Specifications and features:

     80×9 independent precision pin driver circuit for parallel programming, up to 4Pce simultaneous programming
     Flexible choice of RJ45 network interface or USB interface
     Flexible choice of online or offline (SD card) working mode
     Flexible choice of verification mode or mass production mode
     Advanced precision pin drive technology for high speed, stable and accurate signals
     The maximum bandwidth can exceed 1.6Gb/Sec, and the maximum speed allowed by the IC can be programmed.

beeprog3 programmer

Attentive detailing BeeProg3 is meticulously designed quality and reliability
The program is ideal for high-demand desktop programming and automated programming systems
Based on advanced FPGA design, powerful ARM processor and internal SSD, BeeProg3 preparation project equipment speed is theoretically feasible
64-pin rich features and powerful pin-driver provides programmable signal programming for every technology of the device
At 3.3 v logic signal frequency 125 MHz and 80 MHz 5 v
It supports device VCC voltage 0.8 v
Ultra fast programming speed, one of the quick programmers. Sustainable programming speed is higher than 22.5 MB per second
2 GB eMMC NAND flash chip can be completed in less than 100 seconds if the memory is not fast enough
It utilizes universal programming modules, ASIC package types and specialized modules to design optimized for specific device families
ESD protection at each pin.
Dual connection to PC: USB (2.0 high speed) and local area network (100 Mbit)
Comfortable and easy to use control program for all versions of Windows from Windows XP Ms. Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)

    High-speed compatible USB 2.0 port, 480 Mbit / s transfer rate
    100 Mbit LAN port
    Car intelligence: powerful processor (ARM9 400 MHz) and FPGA-based state machine (basic clock 50 MHz plus phase-locked loop)
    Internal buffer for built-in mSATA SSD (32 GB, upgrade to higher capacity)
    3 D / A converter VCC1, VCC2 VPP, controllable rise and fall times
    VCC1 VCC2 range 0.8 v . . (Step 10 mv 7 v / 1)
    VPP range 0 v. .25 v / 1 (step 25 mv)
    Temperature control fan
    Self-test function
    Prevent surge and ESD power input, USB and LAN ports, all pin programming module interface (PMI) (IEC1000-4-2: 15 kV air, 8 kV contact)
    Banana Jack connect to the anti-static wrist strap
    Banana jack pair connected to the ground
    Pin drivers: 64 universal
    VCC1 / VCC2 and VPP can  connect to each pin
    Ground for each pin
    Two independent FPGA-based TTL drivers provide H, L, CLK, pull-ups, pull-down on all  pins, logic level 0, 75 v – 5 v (manual and IOH currently 20 ma)
    Logic signal frequency: 125 MHz (3.3 v), 80 Mhz (5 v)
    Analog pin driver selection 25 V 0.8 V
    Current limit, overcurrent shutdown, power failure, shutdown
    Continuity test: test each programming operation before each pin

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