E-writer plus holtek programmer

Product Name: Holtek e-writer plus
Product model: e-writer plus
Product Description: the latest product e-writer plus is an enhanced burner of e-writer. It improves more functions on the basis of retaining all the functions of the original e-writer
1.On-line internal firmware upgradable function
2. Add buzzer prompt function
3. Optional plug-in LCD module

e-writepro plus-1

List of MCU supported by e-writer plus programmer

R064,HT46R065,HT46R065V,HT46R066,HT46R0662, HT46R066V,HT46R067,HT46R12,HT46R12A,H
34,HT46R342,HT46R343, HT46R46,HT46R46-H,HT46R46E,HT46R47,HT46R47-H,HT46R47E,HT46R
48,HT46R48A, HT46R48AE,HT46R49,HT46R49E,HT46R4A,HT46R4AE,HT46R51,HT46R51A,HT46R52
, HT46R52A,HT46R53,HT46R53A,HT46R54,HT46R54A,HT46R62,HT46R63,HT46R64, HT46R65,HT46
R652,HT46R71D,HT46R71D-1,HT46R72D-1,HT46R72D-1A,HT46R73D-1, HT46R73D-1A,HT46R73D-3
,HT48E10,HT48E30, HT48E50, HT48E70, HT48F06E, HT48F10E, HT48F30E, HT48F50E, HT48F70E,
HT48R01, HT48R01A, HT48R01B, HT48R01C, HT48R01M, HT48R01N, HT48R02, HT48R02B, HT48R
02M, HT48R02N, HT48R03, HT48R05A-1, HT48R062, HT48R063, HT48R064, HT48R065, HT48R065
V, HT48R066, HT48R0662, HT48R066G, HT48R066V HT48R067, HT48R06A-1 HT48R07A-1, HT48R
08A-1 HT48R09A-1, HT48R0AA-1, HT48R10A-1, HT48R30A-1 HT48R502, HT48R50A-1, HT48R52, H
T48R52A, HT48R53, HT48R54A, HT48R70A-1, HT48RA0-1, HT48RA0-2, HT48RA0-3, HT48RA0-5, H
T48RA0A, HT48RA1, HT48RA3, HT48RA3-N, HT48RA5, HT48RB8, HT48RU80 HT49R10A-1, HT49R3
0A-1, HT49R50A-1, HT49R50B, HT49R70A-1, HT49R84, HT49RA0, HT49RA1, HT49RU80, HT49RV3,
HT49RV5, HT49RV7, HT49RV9, HT56R22, HT56R23, HT56R24, HT56R25, HT56R26, HT56R62, HT5
6R64, HT56R642, HT56R644, HT56R65, HT56R654, HT56R656, HT56R66, HT56R666, HT56R668,
HT56R67, HT56R678, HT66F30, HT66F40, HT66F50, HT66FB30, HT66FB40, HT66FB50, HT66FU30,
HT66FU40, HT66FU50, HT68F30, HT68F40, HT68F50, HT68FB30, HT68FB40, HT68FB50, HT68FU3
0, HT68FU40, HT68FU50, HT82A520R, HT82A523R, HT82A6208 HT82A620R HT82A6216, HT82A62
3R, HT82A821R, HT82A822R, HT82A832R,, HT82A834R, HT82A836R HT82A850R,, HT82A851R HT
82B40R, HT82D20R, HT82D22R, HT82D40REW, HT82J30R,, HT82J97E, HT82K68E, HT82K68E-L,
HT82K70E-L, HT82K72E, HT82K73E, HT82K73EE, HT82K74E, HT82K74EE, HT82K75R, HT82K75R
E, HT82K75REW, HT82K76E-L, HT82K92E, HT82K94E, HT82K95E, HT82K95EE, HT82K96E, HT82M
72E, HT82M73E, HT82M73EE, HT82M74E, HT82M75R, HT82M75RE, HT82M75REW, HT82M99E, HT
82M99EE, HT82M9AE, HT82M9AEE, HT82M9BE, HT82M9BEE, HT83F10, HT83F20, HT83F40, HT83
F60 HT83F80, HT83R00, HT83R074, HT86AR72, HT86BR10 HT86BR30, HT86BR60, HT86R192, H
T86R384, HT95A10P, HT95A20P, HT95A30P, HT95A40P, HT95C20P, HT95C30P, HT95C40P, HT95
L00P, HT95L10P, HT95L20P, HT95L30P HT95L40P, HT95R22, HT95R23, HT95R24, HT95R25, HT
95R33, HT95R34, HT95R35, HT95R54, HT95R55, HT95R64, HT95R65…….

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e-writepro plus-1