e-WriterPro holtek programmer

Hetai programmer: Hetai IC burner e-writerpro programmer
In addition to providing the engineering trial firing of Holtek’s full range of OTP and flash MCU in the development stage, e-writerpro is also very suitable for mass production of as few as medium MCU


Registration code

Before each new e-writerpro can be used for the first time, it needs an enabling program. Please enter the enabling program from the tools menu of hope3000. The enabling program will obtain the unique registration code of each e-writerpro from Holtek through the network. Please complete the registration and enabling program of e-writerpro according to the instructions of hope3000 screen.

USB Cable
5V USB Power Adapter
1.5m grounding wire
Flat cable double head 2 * 6 row pin female connector (25cm long)
Hand screw (with G15 grounding terminal)
Important note card
Depending on the packaging type of MCU to be burned, e-writerpro needs to be equipped with different models of e-socket. The same packaging type only needs the same e-socket, and different adapters need not be replaced due to different IC models.

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