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IC socket is a socket with a test function. It is standard test equipment that tests the electrical performance and electrical connection of online components to check for manufacturing defects and component failures. Below we mainly explain its application.

The primary purpose of the IC socket is to ensure that the device can fully realize the functions and performance indicators specified in the design specification under harsh environmental conditions. A computer controls the automatic test equipment used to accomplish this function. Therefore, test engineers must have a detailed knowledge of computer science programming and operating systems. The test engineer must clearly understand the interface between the test equipment and the device and understand how to simulate the future electrical operating environment of the device so that the conditions under which the device test are similar to the climate of future applications.

1.Shenzhen OROD, specializing in various research and development applications:
1) Test fixtures for integrated circuit applications such as test sockets, burn-in sockets, burners, and programming sockets for functional verification of integrated circuits;
2) Professional research, development and production of various high-performance, low-cost Burn-in; Test Socket and different IC test fixtures, suitable for a variety of packages: eMMC, eMCP, BGA, DDR, PGA, QFN, GCSP, CLCC, QFP, TSOP, sop, FPC, FFC, connector test ...
3) Customize various mobile phone chip test fixtures for customers,


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