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BGA48 adapter socket

BGA152/132/88 flip shrapnel test seat
The product makes of shrapnel roof structure + imported beryllium copper-gold plating with excellent flexibility and good quality.
Characteristic 1: Using TSOP48 standard foot, it can insert into any test board such as Anguo, Chin-bang, Silicon lattice, SMI, McCorvey, Jianrong and so on to save the maximum cost for customers!
Characteristic 2: Using the floating plate structure and effective protection needle, the special head-shaped protuberance of the needle can pierce the oxide layer of the tin ball without damaging the tin ball. IC can test with or without nuts
Feature 3: Strong compatibility, suitable for BGA152/132/88 seats only need to replace the corresponding limit frame;
Characteristic 4: Life span is more than 100,000 times.

bga48 adapter


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