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Two days ago, I met a Brazilian friend who wanted two chips to unlock IC :pic32mx69f512h and mc9s12xet25maa. From the time of his inquiry to the present, it has been three or four days. The topic around us is how do I believe in you? ?

From the course of his conversation, he learned that he said that there are many scammers in Brazil, so he dare not easily trade with others. I told him in great detail from beginning to end:

Including the company’s qualifications, the establishment time, from the detailed information of the domain name of our website, we can see that we were registered in 2006 for nearly 15 years now. Can a company that lies to you exist for 15 years?

please check our website domain:http://www.icunlock-mcucrack.com

another old domain:

Later, the more I told him, the less he believed. I could only persuade him to give up this business. Of course, if he had time and money, he could come to China personally. I even sent details of the customer’s order to me. He saw it, and he can also learn from our customers whether our company is a reliable and reliable company!

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