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IC unlock equipment and use

The possible devices for IC unlock include micromirror, chip opener, high definition camera, FIB device, electron probe, signal collector, vacuum machine, scanner, workbench, simulator, scanning electron microscope, image processor, programmer, oscilloscope, bonding machine, ultrasonic wave, inert gas, logic analyzer, laser cutting machine, plasma light knife, plasma bright ruler, chip machine. Other self-made equipment, such as hand, chip pipe loader, chip sealing machine, chip adapter, chip pin burning instrument, chip test stand, etc.
Standard devices and instruments for chip decryption are:
IC taping machine
It is suitable for IC and SMD packaging.
IC test rack
It is suitable for IC testing and functional verification.
According to the principle of electronic optics, electron beam and lens are used instead of the light beam and optical glass to make the fine structure of matter image at very high magnification. The resolution of an electron microscope express by the smallest distance between two adjacent points it can distinguish. In the 1970s, the decision of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) was about 0.3 nanometers (the resolving power of human eyes was about 0.1 millimetres). At present, the maximum magnification of electron microscopy is over 3 million times, while that of optical microscopy is about 2,000 times. Therefore, the atoms and crystal arrays of some heavy metals can directly observe by electron microscopy.
Electron Probe Instrument
The combination of X-ray spectroscopy and electronic optics has resulted. Characteristic X-rays of the elements on the surface of the sample are excited by focused on high-speed electrons. A material physical experiment for qualitative or quantitative analysis of micro-area components also calls electron probe X-ray microanalysis. The principle of EPMA is that a finely focused electron beam with the kinetic energy of 10-30 kV bombards the surface of the sample, strikes out the inner electrons of the elements on the surface, and ionises the atoms. At this time, the outer electrons fill the vacancies rapidly and release energy, thus producing characteristic X-rays.
Pin tester
Continuous zoom optical system and video microscopy system widely used in online contrast detection of connector pin arrangement, small transformer, IC pin smoothness and distance between pins.
IC robot hand
IC manipulator use for testing or burning DIP. The integrated circuits encapsulated in SOP include SOP, SSOP, DIP and TSSOP. Its characteristics are a feeding pipe, an OK feeding pipe and a FALL feeding pipe. The separating edge drive by an electromagnet to OK/FAIL pipe. There are three modes of automatic, OK testing and FAIL testing. Also, there are debugging and suspension modes, which can be used to repair machines and temporarily remove stuck materials respectively. The number of full pipes of discharge pipes can be set freely by customers. Users can set the number of FAIL materials. Users can set the high and low levels of interface signals of testing machines. When mechanical abnormalities occur, the LED displays abnormal codes to facilitate users to eliminate the faults. The number of tests of OK/FAIL materials and the number of tests can be displayed. Total test times.
Film forming machine
It’s also called automatic slicer.

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