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MCU programmer function and operation

The primary function of the MCU programmer is to use different MCU programming methods for the MCU programming program.
The following is an explanation of the operation of the Sylt 5004 example.
What is the SUPERPRO 5004 series
SUPERPRO/5004GP is a super-fast asynchronous multi-purpose programmer that connects to the PC’s USB port via a standard USB cable. The online software provides an extremely user-friendly interface that is powerful.
Function and flexibility. SUPERPRO/5004EGP is an economical version of SUPERPRO/5004GP. Except for the support device slightly lower than SUPERPRO/5004GP, other services are equivalent.
SUPERPRO/5004GP. Both are the eighth generation of high-speed programmers for XELTEK.
The first performance of the programmer:
Four utterly independent programming modules, fully asynchronous, and extremely efficient. The processing speed is extremely high. 144-pin universal pin drive circuit. A universal adapter that directly supports devices below 144 feet.
It supports conventional and low voltage E/EPROM, FLASH, microcontroller, PLD, SRAM. Check the chip pin for poor contact before the chip operation. Asynchronous mode (production mode), real-time check of each module
The chip insertion state controls that it automatically starts programming without waiting for other chips to insert. Software features Windows XP / Vista. Support a large number of devices, including E/EPROM from multiple manufacturers,
FLASH, SRAM, CPLD/EPLD/SPLD, MCU, etc. Support Binary, Intel (common or extended) Hex, Motorola S, Tektronix (common or extended), Jed, of, etc.
Multiple file formats. Support device (144 pin counts and below) insertion test. Integrated full-screen buffer editing environment with commands for filling, copying, moving and swapping. Support project file management.
Support for batch commands.
System Requirements
The minimum system configuration is as follows:
An IBM-PC 586 or Pentium compatible, desktop or laptop computer with at least one universal serial bus interface compliant with the USB 2.0 standard.

According to the programmer you purchased, select the corresponding model and click the dialogue button “Setup” to install the programmer application.
Note: Different programmers correspond to different application software and cannot mix.
Download and install the software from the Internet
Download the installation software for the corresponding programmer model. The software is usually a self-extracting file that executes
This file installs the programmer application.
Software installation process

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