51 MCU Introduction

8051 single chip microcomputer was first introduced by Intel company, and it is also one of the most used MCU in the world. Because Intel company focuses on the development of 186386, Pentium and other high-end chips compatible with PC, 8051 single chip microcomputer mainly includes Philips, Samsung, Huabang and other companies took over. These companies improved many characteristics of 8051 on the basis of maintaining compatibility with 8051 single chip microcomputer, increased speed, reduced clock frequency, relaxed the dynamic range of power supply voltage and reduced product price

ATMEL single chip microcomputer: ATMEL company is a world-famous first-class semiconductor manufacturing company with high-performance and low-power nonvolatile memory and digital integrated circuits. The most remarkable purpose of ATMEL company is its EEPROM electrically erasable technology, flash memory technology and high-quality and reliable production technology. In the field of CMOS device production, ATMEL has advanced design level, excellent production process and sealing technology Installation technology has always been in the leading position in the world. These technologies are used in the production of single chip microcomputer, so that the single chip microcomputer also has excellent quality and obvious advantages in structure, performance and function. The single chip microcomputer of ATMEL company is a unique and excellent single chip microcomputer in the world. It is used in computer external equipment, communication equipment, automation, industrial control, aerospace equipment, instruments and meters and various It has a wide application prospect in consumer products. Its AT90 series is an enhanced RISC embedded flash single chip microcomputer, It is usually called AVR series. At91m series is a new member of ATMEL 16 / 32 microprocessor series based on ARM7TDMI embedded processor. The processor uses high-density 16 bit instruction set to realize efficient 32-bit RISC structure and low power consumption. In addition, atmal enhanced 51 Series MCU is still very popular in the market, among which AT89S51 is very active

Microchip single chip microcomputer: Microchip single chip microcomputer is the single chip microcomputer with the fastest growth in market share. Its main product is 16C series 8-bit single chip microcomputer. The CPU adopts RISC structure, with only 33 instructions and fast running speed. It is famous for its low price. Generally, the price of single chip microcomputer is less than US $1. Microchip single chip microcomputer has no mask products, and all are OTP devices (flash single chip microcomputer has been launched) Microchip emphasizes the optimal design of cost saving. It is a product with large usage, low grade and price sensitivity

MSP430 Series MCU of TI company: MSP430 Series MCU is a 16 bit MCU developed by TI company. Its outstanding feature is ultra-low power consumption, which is very suitable for various occasions with low power requirements. There are multiple series and models, which are respectively composed of some basic functional modules according to different application objectives. Typical applications are flowmeter, intelligent instrument, medical equipment and security system. Because of its high performance price ratio, it has been widely used.

Sunplus single chip microcomputer: Sunplus Technology Co. Ltd, Taiwan, China, focuses on the development of 8-bit and 16 bit computers. Spmc65 series single chip microcomputer is the main product of Sunplus. It adopts 8-bit spmc65 CPU core and forms a series of products with different on-chip resources around this general CPU core. In the series of chips, the same on-chip hardware function modules have the same resource characteristics; Different types of chips only delete on-chip resources. Their biggest feature is super anti-interference. They are widely used in household appliances, industrial control, instruments and meters, security alarm, computer peripherals and other fields. Spmc75 Series MCU core adopts the independent intellectual property rights of Lingyang technology μ’ NSP (microcontroller and signal processor) 16 bit microprocessor spmc75 series single chip microcomputer integrates a variety of functional modules: multi-functional I / O port, serial port, ADC, timing counter and other common hardware modules, as well as PWM generator capable of generating motor driving waveform, multi-functional acquisition and comparison module, BLDC motor driving special position detection interface Two phase incremental encoder interface and other special hardware are mainly used for variable frequency motor drive control. Spmc75 series single chip microcomputer has strong anti-interference ability and is widely used in control fields such as variable frequency household appliances, frequency converters, industrial control and so on

Motorola single chip microcomputer: Motorola is the largest single chip microcomputer manufacturer in the world, with a wide variety, wide choice and many new products. In terms of 8-bit computers, there are 68hc05 and upgraded products 68hc08 and 68hc05, with more than 30 series and more than 200 varieties, with an output of more than 2 billion pieces. There are also more than 30 varieties of 8-bit enhanced single chip microcomputer 68HC11, with an annual output of more than 100 million pieces, The upgraded products include 68hc12.16-bit single chip microcomputer, and more than ten varieties of 68hc16. There are also dozens of varieties of 32-bit single chip microcomputer 683xx series. In recent years, single chip microcomputer integrated with PowerPC, codfire, M. core and DSP as auxiliary modules have also been launched one after another, At present, it is still the preferred brand of single chip microcomputer. One of the characteristics of Motorola single chip microcomputer is that the clock used at the same speed is much lower than Intel single chip microcomputer, so it has low high-frequency noise and strong anti-interference ability, and is more suitable for industrial control field and harsh environment. Motorola 8-bit single chip microcomputer used to focus on mask, and recently launched OTP plan to adapt to the development of single chip microcomputer. On 32-bit machine, M. Core outperforms ARM7 in performance and power consumption

ZILOG single chip microcomputer: Z8 single chip microcomputer is the company’s product, which adopts multi accumulator structure and has strong interrupt processing ability. The product is OTP type, and the development tool of Z8 single chip microcomputer can be said to be high quality and low price. Z8 single chip microcomputer is oriented to low-end applications with the advantage of low price, with 18 pin package bit and ROM bit of 0.5 ~ 2KB. Recently, ZILOG company launched z86 series single chip microcomputer, The series is internally integrated with cheap DSP units

Scenix single chip microcomputer: the I / O module of scenix single chip microcomputer (ubicom company) is the most creative. The integration and combination technology of I / O module is an indispensable and important aspect of single chip microcomputer technology. In addition to the traditional I / O function modules such as parallel I / O, URT, SPI, I2C, a / D, PWM, PLL, DTMF, etc., new I / O modules continue to appear, such as USB, can, J1850, and the most representative is Motorola 32-bit single chip microcomputer, It integrates I / O modules including various communication protocols, and the concept of virtual I / O is introduced into the processing of I / O modules by the scenix single chip microcomputer. The scenix single chip microcomputer adopts the CPU of RISC structure, so that the maximum working frequency of the CPU is 50MHz. The operation speed is close to 50mips. With a powerful CPU, Various I / O functions can be simulated by software. The package of single chip microcomputer adopts 20 / 28 pins. The company provides various I / O library functions to realize the functions of various I / O modules. The modules completed by these software include multi-channel UART, a variety of a / D, PWM, SPI, DTMF, FSK, LCD driver, etc. These are quite complex modules usually realized by hardware

NEC single chip microcomputer: NEC single chip microcomputer has its own system. The output of 78k series of 8-bit machine is the highest, and there are also 16 bit and 32-bit single chip microcomputer. 16 bit single chip microcomputer adopts internal frequency doubling technology to reduce the external clock frequency. Some single chip microcomputer adopts built-in operating system. NEC’s sales strategy pays attention to serving large customers and invests considerable technical force to help large customers develop new products

Toshiba single chip microcomputer: Toshiba single chip microcomputer is 64 bits down from 4 bits, with complete categories. 4-bit machines still have a large market in the field of household appliances. 8-bit machines mainly include 870 series, 90 series, etc. this kind of single chip microcomputer allows the use of slow mode, adopts 32kHz clock, and the power consumption is as low as 10uA. The use of multiple groups of registers in CPU, The 32-bit computer of Toshiba company adopts the CPU structure of mips3000 arisc and faces the markets of VCD, digital camera and image processing

Fujitsu single chip microcomputer: Fujitsu also has 8-bit, 16 bit and 32-bit single chip microcomputer, but the 8-bit machine uses a 16 bit CPU core. In other words, the 8-bit machine has the same instructions as the 16 bit machine, which makes development easier. The 8-bit machine is famous for mb8900 series, and the 16 bit machine has mb90 series. Fujitsu pays attention to serving large companies and large customers and helps them develop products

Epson single chip microcomputer: Epson (Japan) company is famous for its expertise in manufacturing liquid crystal displays, so Epson single chip microcomputer is mainly used to support the LCD produced by the company. The LCD driver of its single chip microcomputer is particularly good. It is also very characteristic in terms of low voltage and low power consumption. At present, the single chip microcomputer with 0.9V power supply has been listed, and the LCD display watch will use 0.5V power supply soon

Ns single chip microcomputer: COP8 single chip microcomputer is the product of national semiconductor company of the United States. The company is famous for producing advanced analog circuits and can produce high-level digital analog hybrid circuits. 16 bit a / D is integrated in COP8 single chip microcomputer, which is rare in single chip microcomputer. EMI circuit is used in COP8 single chip microcomputer, In addition, the program encryption of COP8 is also very good

STC single chip microcomputer: STC single chip microcomputer is fully compatible with 51 single chip microcomputer and has its unique features. It has strong anti-interference, strong encryption and ultra-low power consumption. It can be upgraded remotely. There is a max810 special reset circuit inside, and the price is relatively cheap. Due to these characteristics, the application of STC series single chip microcomputer is becoming more and more widely

Samsung single chip microcomputer: Samsung single chip microcomputer has ks51 and ks57 series 4-bit single chip microcomputer, ks86 and ks88 series 8-bit single chip microcomputer, ks17 series 16 bit single chip microcomputer and ks32 series 32-bit single chip microcomputer. Samsung also produces arm single chip microcomputer for arm company, common s344b0, etc. Samsung single chip microcomputer is OTP ISP on-chip programming function

Huabang single chip microcomputer: Huabang single chip microcomputer belongs to 8051 single chip microcomputer. Their W78 series is compatible with the standard 8051. W77 series is an enhanced 51, which improves the timing of 8051. Similarly, the speed under the clock is much faster. On the 4-bit computer, Huabang has 921 series and 741 series with LCD drive. In the 32-bit computer, Huabang uses HP PA-RISC single chip microcomputer technology, Production of low 32 – bit RISC MCU

SST single chip microcomputer: the sst89 series single chip microcomputer launched by American SST company is the standard 51 series single chip microcomputer, including sst89e / v52rd2, sst89e / v54rd2, sst89e / v58rd2, sst89e / v554rc, sst89e / v564rd, etc. it is compatible with 8052 series single chip microcomputer. It provides system online programming (ISP function). The internal flash erasure times are more than 10000 times, and the program storage time can reach 100 years

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