Conditions for learning MCU

Single chip microcomputer is a thing that many people want to learn and are more concerned about. The introduction of most websites and the requirements of hardware are generally as follows:

  1. To have a computer, it is better to be 586 or above, P2, P3 and P4 are better.
  2. There should be a programmer to write the compiled program into the ROM of the single chip microcomputer, and insert the written chip into the experimental board for test. Professional over 1000, medium 400 ~ 800, low-grade such as flashpro300 is about 380 yuan
  3. It’s best to have a simulator, but simulators are more expensive. Used for real-time simulation, find problems at any time, modify the program, and improve the efficiency of writing the program. The market price is generally about 1000 ~ 3000, and the hardware simulator is certainly good. But generally speaking, there is some pressure for beginners, especially for fear that if they don’t understand, it will be a waste of money!
  4. There should be a hardware MCU experimental board as the peripheral circuit part of the MCU test. Commercialization is generally 100 ~ 200 yuan, and complex ones are sky high.
  5. There should be several MCU chips for testing, such as 89C51, which is widely used. The general market retail price is 7 ~ 9 yuan. If you buy 2 tablets, it’s about 20 yuan.
    Finally, calculate the general ledger, not the computer, and then according to the lowest commercial price standard, it is about: programmer 2XX + emulator 1xxx + experimental board 1XX + single chip microcomputer chip 20 = 1xxx ~ 2XXX yuan, but this is almost the largest compression. Single chip microcomputer beginners are not necessarily rich. For example, I am a little afraid when I see 1xxx ~ 2XXX! If they are equipped with the best devices, I’m afraid 10000 is not enough! Isn’t this a loser?

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