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FLASH AVR STM32 STM8 N76E003 Offline Programmer SkyPRO III

  • Feature:Support up to 32G memory card, Built-in virtual serial port Built-in card reader, Just import the file in one step; Free offline use Built-in lithium battery to carry around
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
  • Shipping:Free Post Airmail Shipping

Support up to 32G memory card
Built-in virtual serial port Built-in card reader
Just import the file in one step;
Free offline use
Built-in lithium battery to carry around

You can also read files directly from the chip without a computer.
Multi-language (customizable to add language)
Buzzer volume is adjustable, the backlight is adjustable, time off,
Shutdown high precision real-time clock
Online programming (connecting to a computer)
More efficient offline use (up 60%)
  Custom boot screen (animation)

(e) Automatic upgrade of software and firmware
Automatically update the chip database
Programming statistics (success, failure)
Real-time display of the operation process and progress

**************HOPPING CODE*************
*SkyPRO Rolling Code Edition SkyPRO II SkyPRO III*
MICROCHIP: HCS101; HCS200; HCS201; HCS300; HCS301; HCS320; HCS360; HCS361; HCS362;

*************24 EEPROM*************
ATMEL: AT24C01; AT24C01A; AT24C01B; AT24C02; AT24C02A; AT24C02B; AT34C02D; AT24C04; AT24C04A; AT24C04B; AT34C04; AT24C08; AT24C08A; AT24C08B; AT24RF08C; AT24C16; AT24C16A; AT24C16B; AT24C32; AT24C32A; AT24C32B; AT24C64; AT24C64A; AT24C64B; AT24C128; AT24C128B; AT24C256; AT24C256A; AT24C256B; AT24C512; AT24C512A; AT24C512B; AT24C1024; AT24C1024A; AT24C1024B;
CATALYST: CAT24C01; CAT24C02; CAT24C04; CAT24C08; CAT24C16; CAT24C32; CAT24C64; CAT24C128; CAT24C256; CAT24C512; CAT24C1024;
CORIGHT: 24C01; 24C02; 24C04; 24C08; 24C16; 24C32; 24C64; 24C128; 24C256; 24C512; 24C1024;
FAIRCHILD: FM24C01; FM24C02; FM24C03; FM24C04; FM24C05; FM24C08; FM24C09; FM24C16; FM24C17; FM24C32; FM24C64; FM24C128; FM24C256; FM24C512; FM24C1024;
HOLTEK: HT24C01; HT24LC02;; HT24C02; HT24C04; HT24LC04; HT24C08; HT24LC08; HT24C16; HT24LC16; HT24C32; HT24LC32; HT24C64; HT24LC64; HT24C128; HT24LC128; HT24C256; HT24LC256; HT24C512; HT24C1024 HT24LC01;
ISSI: IS24C01; IS24C02; IS24C04; IS24C08; IS24C16; IS24C32; IS24C64; IS24C128; IS24C256; IS24C512; IS24C1024;
MICROCHIP: 24AA00; 24FC00; 24LC00; 24AA01; 24FC01; 24LC01; 24AA02; 24FC02; 24LC02; 24AA04; 24FC04; 24LC04; 24AA08; 24FC08; 24LC08; 24AA16; 24FC16; 24LC16; 24AA32; 24FC32; 24LC32; 24AA64; 24FC64; 24LC64; 24AA128; 24FC128; 24LC128; 24AA256; 24FC256; 24LC256; 24AA512; 24FC512; 24LC512; 24AA1026; 24FC1026; 24LC1026;
NSC: 24C02; 24C02L; 24C64;
NXP: PCA24S08;
RAMTRON: FM24C04A; FM24CL04; FM24CL08; FM24C16A; FM24CL16; FM24CL32; FM24C64; FM24CL64; FM24CL128; FM24C256; FM24CL256; FM24C512;
ROHM: BR24C01; BR24L02;; BR24L01; BR24T01; BR24C02 BR24T02; BR24C04; BR24L04; BR24T04; BR24C08; BR24L08; BR24T08; BUL08; BR24C16; BR24L16; BR24T16; BR24C32; BR24L32; BR24T32; BR24C64; BR24L64; BR24T64; BR24T128; BR24T256; BR24T512; BR24T1M;
SEIKO: S-24C02D; S-34C02B; S-24C04D; S-34C04A; S-24C08C; S-24C08D; S-24C16C; S-24C16D; S-24C32C; S-24C64C; S-24C128C; S-24C256C; S-24C512C; S-24CM01C;
ST: M24C01; M24C04;; ST24C01; M24C02; ST24C02 ST24C04; M24C08; ST24C08; M24C16; ST24C16; M24C32; ST24C32; M24C64; ST24C64; M24128; M24256; M24512; M24M01; M24M02;
XICOR: X24C01; X24C02; X24C04; X24C08; X24C16;

*******************25 EEPROM*************
ATMEL: AT25010; AT25020; AT25040; AT25080; AT25160; AT25320; AT25640; AT25128; AT25256; AT25HP256; AT25512; AT25HP512;
CATALYST: CAT25C01; CAT25C01P; CAT25C01S; CAT25C01U; CAT25C02P; CAT25C02S; CAT25C02U; CAT25C03P; CAT25C03S; CAT25C03U; CAT25C04P; CAT25C04S; CAT25C04U; CAT25C05P; CAT25C05S; CAT25C05U; CAT25C08P; CAT25C08S; CAT25C08U; CAT25C09P; CAT25C09S; CAT25C09U; CAT25C16P; CAT25C16S; CAT25C16U; CAT25C17P; CAT25C17S; CAT25C17U; CAT25C32P; CAT25C32S; CAT25C33P; CAT25C33S; CAT25C64P; CAT25C64S; CAT25C65P; CAT25C65S; CAT25C128P; CAT25C128S; CAT25C256P; CAT25C256S;
CORIGHT: 25C01; 25C02; 25C040; 25C080; 25C160; 25C320; 25C640; 25C128; 25C256;
MICROCHIP: 25AA020; 25AA040; 25C040; 25LC040; 25AA080; 25C080; 25LC080; 25AA160; 25C160; 25LC160; 25AA320; 25C320; 25LC320; 25AA640; 25C640; 25LC640; 25AA128; 25LC128; 25AA256; 25LC256; 25AA512;
RAMTRON: FM25L04; FM25C160; FM25L16; FM25640; FM25CL64; FM25V01; FM25L256; FM25V02; FM25V05; FM25V10; FM25V20;
SEIKO: S-25A010A; S-25C010A; S-25A020A; S-25C020A; S-25A040A; S-25C040A; S-25A080A; S-25C080A; S-25A160A; S-25C160A; S-25A320A; S-25C320A; S-25A640A; S-25C640A; S-25C128A; S-25C256A; S-25C512A; S-25CM01A;
ST: M95010; ST25C01; ST25W01; M95020; ST25C02; ST25W02; M95040; ST25C04; ST25W04; M95080; ST25C08; ST25W08; M95160; ST25C16; M95128;; ST25W16; M95320; M95640 M95256; M95512; M95M01; M95M02;
TI: TI2532; TI2532A; TI2564;
XICOR: X25010; X25020; X25040; X5043; X25080; X25160; X25320; X25640; X25128; X25256; X25512;

*****************93 EEPROM*************
ACE: ACE93C46-16bit; ACE93C46-8bit;
AKM: AK93C45A; AK93C55A; AK93C65A; AK93C75A;
ATC: ATC93C46-16bit; ATC93C46-8bit; ATC93C56-16bit; ATC93C56-8bit; ATC93C66-16bit; ATC93C66-8bit; ATC93C86-16bit; ATC93C86-8bit;
ATMEL: 93C46-16bit; 93C46-8bit; 93C46A; 93C46B; 93C46C-16bit; 93C46C-8bit; 93C56-16bit; 93C56-8bit; 93C56A; 93C56B; 93C56C-16bit; 93C56C-8bit; 93C66-16bit; 93C66-8bit; 93C66A; 93C66B; 93C66C-16bit; 93C66C-8bit; 93C76-16bit; 93C76-8bit; 93C76A; 93C76B; 93C76C-16bit; 93C76C-8bit; 93C86-16bit; 93C86-8bit; 93C86A; 93C86B; 93C86C-16bit; 93C86C- 8bit;
CATALYST: CAT93C46-16bit; CAT93C46-8bit; CAT93C56-16bit; CAT93C56-8bit; CAT93C57-16bit; CAT93C57-8bit; CAT93C66-16bit; CAT93C66-8bit; CAT93C86-16bit; CAT93C86-8bit;
CORIGHT: 93C06; 93C46-16bit; 93C46-8bit; 93C56-16bit; 93C56-8bit; 93C66-16bit; 93C66-8bit; 93C76-16bit; 93C76-8bit; 93C86-16bit; 93C86-8bit;

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