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PIC dedicated MCU USB QL2006 programmer

  • Feature:PIC MCU USB Universal Programmer
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Programmer hardware features:
◇ Dimensions: 1209526mm; net weight: 160g
Current: <30 mA; operating current: 80-150mA

The programmer uses a 40-pin 3M gold-plated socket to program DIP devices from 8-pin to 40-pin directly.
Support for SMD devices or devices with a pin count higher than 40 PIN through a patch adapter or ICSP.
◇ It has two communication modes: USB and serial port, which is convenient for laptops without a serial port. USB and serial port switch all electronic switches automatically, no manual jumper is required.
◇ For the 10FXXX series of in-line devices can also be directly burned on the seat, no adapter is needed (more than a few yuan of programmers to burn 10F series chips must be added adapters).
◇ Supports the full range of devices, including PIC10XXX/12XXX/16XXX/18XXX, and supports serial EEPROMs of 24XXX and 93CXX.
The device algorithm completely implemented by software, and the hardware has an online upgrade function to protect the user’s investment interests effectively.
◇ There is a complete overcurrent protection circuit that will not damage the programmer due to short circuit of the chip.
When connecting to the USB port communication, you do not need an external power supply.
Built-in high-speed microcontroller to automatically verify data to ensure system reliability.
High-speed programming, programming PIC16F72, erase + check empty + programming + verification, only 3 seconds.
◇ It is produced by surface mount technology with high reliability and long service life;
The programmer is small and suitable for carrying out;
◇ Through the built-in ICSP interface (ICSP interface is fully compatible with the ICR interface of MICROCHIP), ICSP can be directly supported (on the board programming) without any additional devices. The user can wait for the board to be soldered and finally write the program. FLASH microcontroller can complete the online upgrade function.

Programmer software features:
◇ Full Chinese interface, Chinese online help system, convenient for users. (The setting of the configuration bits made in China, which is suitable for beginners.)
◇ At the same time, we also provide the English version of the programming software, which is convenient for overseas customers.
◇ It has an automatic programming function after setting chip contact reliability, which is suited for mass production. (Just put the chip in and do not need to press any button to complete the chip burning).
◇ With the program counting function, you can preset the number of programming and count the number of programming.
◇ Serial number automatic addition function, can set self-increment area (ID/ROM/EEPROM area)/self-promotion system (hexadecimal/10-digit)/self-increment start address/end address/self-increasing step size, can be set Ignore high bytes when incrementing.
◇ The configuration word and internal EEPROM data in the file are automatically recognised.
Comprehensive information prompts, the process of burning also has an audible prompt to let the user know the working status.
◇ With automatic detection programmer hardware function, the software is automatically detected and set when the software starts, no need to set manually and can use.
With programming data monitoring. By calculating the checksum, it is immediately possible to find out if the programming data has changed. The checksum formula follows the definition of Microchip.
◇ Reading the contents of the chip program area is convenient.
Compatible with Windows98 and Windows2000/NT, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and other operating systems.
Program support *.HEX or *.BIN file loading, can support *.BIN file saved as *.HEX format.
Buffer fill function
◇ The clock calibration value of the chip can automatically protect from being erased
◇ You can directly write the BIN file obtained by decrypting the MCU without any settings.
◇ Automatically update data for more natural product development and debugging.

QL-2006 PIC microcontroller burner accessories are as follows:
1.QL2006U host one

  1. DC power supply
  2. USB cable
  3. Serial cable
  4. ICSP online download cable.
  5. Product CD (including MPLAB IDE development platform, programming software)
  6. A copy of the product manual
  7. Product warranty card

PIC microcontroller burner accessories are as follows:
1.QL2006U host one

  1. DC power supply
  2. USB cable
  3. Serial cable
  4. ICSP online download cable.
  5. Product CD (including MPLAB IDE development platform, programming software)
  6. A copy of the product manual
  7. Product warranty card
    The list of programmer support devices is as follows ten series.
    PIC10F200 PIC10F202 PIC10F204 PIC10F206 PIC10F220 PIC10F222
    12C series:
    PIC12C508 PIC12C508A PIC12C509 PIC12C509A PIC12C671 PIC12C672
    PIC12CE518 PIC12CE519 PIC12CE673 PIC12CE674
    12F series:
    PIC12F508 PIC12F509 PIC12F629 PIC12F635 PIC12F675 PIC12F683
    PIC12F615 PIC12HV615 PIC12F510
    MCV Series:
    HA series:
    HA2089 HA2099 HA3089 HA3099
    16C series:
    PIC16C505 PIC16C554 PIC16C558 PIC16C61 PIC16C62 PIC16C62A
    PIC16C62B PIC16C63 PIC16C63A PIC16C64 PIC16C64A PIC16C65
    PIC16C65A PIC16C65B PIC16C66 PIC16C66A PIC16C67 PIC16C620
    PIC16C620A PIC16C621 PIC16C621A PIC16C622 PIC16C622A PIC16C71
    PIC16C71A PIC16C72 PIC16C72A PIC16C73 PIC16C73A PIC16C73B
    PIC16C74 PIC16C74A PIC16C74B PIC16C76 PIC16C77 PIC16C710
    PIC16C711 PIC16C712 PIC16C716 PIC16C745 PIC16C765 PIC16C773
    PIC16C774 PIC16C83 PIC16C84
    16F series:
    PIC16F505 PIC16F506 PIC16F54 PIC16F57* PIC16F59* PIC16F627
    PIC16F616 PIC16HV616 PIC16LF627A PIC16F627A PIC16F628 PIC16LF628A
    PIC16F628A PIC16F630 PIC16F631 PIC16F636 PIC16F639 PIC16F648A
    PIC16F677 PIC16F676 PIC16F683 PIC16F684 PIC16F685 PIC16F687
    PIC16F688 PIC16F689 PIC16F690 PIC16F716 PIC16F72 PIC16F73
    PIC16F74 PIC16F76 PIC16F77 PIC16F737 PIC16F747 PIC16F767
    PIC16F777 PIC16F785 PIC16F83 PIC16F84 PIC16F84A PIC16F87
    PIC16F88 PIC16F818 PIC16F819 PIC16F870 PIC16F871 PIC16F872
    PIC16F873 PIC16F873A PIC16F874 PIC16F874A PIC16F876 PIC16F876A
    PIC16F877 PIC16F877A PIC16F913 PIC16F914 PIC16F916 PIC16F917
    PIC16F882 PIC16F883 PIC16F884 PIC16F886 PIC16F887
    18F series:
    PIC18F242 PIC18F248 PIC18F252 PIC18F258 PIC18F442 PIC18F448
    PIC18F452 PIC18F458 PIC18F1220 PIC18F1320 PIC18F2220 PIC18F2221
    PIC18F2320 PIC18F2321 PIC18F2331 PIC18F2410 PIC18F2420 PIC18F2431
    PIC18F2450 PIC18F2455 PIC18F2480 PIC18F2510 PIC18F2515 PIC18F2520
    PIC18F2525 PIC18F2550 PIC18F2580 PIC18F2585 PIC18F2610 PIC18F2620
    PIC18F2680 PIC18F4220 PIC18F4221 PIC18F4320 PIC18F4321 PIC18F4331
    PIC18F4410 PIC18F4420 PIC18F4431 PIC18F4450 PIC18F4455 PIC18F4480
    PIC18F4510 PIC18F4515 PIC18F4520 PIC18F4525 PIC18F4550 PIC18F4580
    PIC18F4585 PIC18F4610 PIC18F4620 PIC18F4680 PIC18F6520 PIC18F6525
    PIC18F6585 PIC18F6620 PIC18F6621 PIC18F6680 PIC18F6720 PIC18F8520
    PIC18F8525 PIC18F8585 PIC18F8620 PIC18F8621 PIC18F8680 PIC18F8720
    ATMEL serial EEPROM series:
    24C01 24C01A 24C01B 24C02 24C02A 24C02B
    24C02C 24C04 24C04A 24C04B 24C08 24C08B
    24C16 24C16B 24C32 24C32A 24C64 24C128
    24C256 24C512 93C46 93C56 93C66 93C76
    24C01A 24LC01 24C02A 24LC02 24C04A 24LC04
    24C16 24LC16 24C32 24C64 24C128 24C256
    24C512 93LC46A/B 93LC56A/B 93LC66A/B 93LC76A/B 93LC86A/B
    NS serial EEPROM:
    NM24C01 NM24C02 NM24C03 NM24C04 NM24C08 NM24C16
    NM24C32 NM24C64 NM24C128
    EXEL Serial EEPROM:
    24C01 24C02 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C64/128
    ST serial EEPROM:
    ST24C01 ST24C02 ST24C04 ST24C08 ST24C16 ST24C64/128
    XICON Serial EEPROM:
    X24C01 X24C01A X24C02 X24C02A X24C04 X24C04A
    X24C08/A X24C16 X93C46A X93C56A X93C66A X93C86A
    THOMSON serial EEPROM:
    24C01/A 24C02/A 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C32
    24C64 24C128 93C46A 93C56A 93C66A
    Holtek Serial EEPROM:
    HT24C01 HT24C02/A HT24C04 HT24C08 HT24C16 HT24C32
    HT24C64 HT24C128 93C46A 93C56A 93C66A
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