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PIKprog2 high-speed programmer

  • Feature:Supports the current commonly used microcontrollers (840pin) in the Microchip family and the PICmicro family, using parallel or serial algorithms.
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
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Function introduction

■ Portable Microchip dedicated high-speed programmer
■ Support for programming ICs: 8,666
■Support ISP programming
■ Parallel port connection PC optional high-speed IEEE1284 interface
■40PIN DIP package IC without conversion seat

■ PIKprog2 is a new generation member of ELNEC’s dedicated burner based on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP interface.

■ Supports the current commonly used microcontrollers (840pin) in the Microchip family and the PICmicro family, using parallel or serial algorithms.

■ It is not developed into a graded programmer but meets all the requirements for graded programmers’ microchips.

■ It works closely with MicrochipTM, so the programmer’s hardware supports all current and future PICmicro microcontroller families.

■ PICProg2 is a small, fast, very lightweight programmer that supports the PICmicro microcontroller family.

■ Series EEPROM: including IIC (24CXX), Microwire (93Cxx), SPI (25Cxx), etc. IC generation

■ The PICmicro microcontroller family can programme by a series of algorithms using a built-in ISP connector.

■Providing competitive prices and designing high-quality hardware for high reliability. From this point of view, it has a good price/performance ratio.

■ Due to the high-speed FPGA hardware driver and IEEE1284 (ECP/EPP) high-speed parallel port support, it has a speedy IC burning speed.

■ From this point of view, it is faster than competing products. PIKProg2 can connect to IBM 486 or above PCs, portable, personal desktop computers through any standard parallel (printer) port (no need for other dedicated interfaces). It is convenient to assemble/remove the PC from one to another.

■ 40PIN TTL driver PIN provides High/Low/Pull up/Pulldown/read in every pin. Advanced drive technology offers high speed and high-quality reliability. The minimum support voltage is as low as 1.8v, so you can use it to burn the current world. All popular small voltage devices

Host hardware

■The programmer provides a contact test before programming and can prevent the chip from being damaged due to improper placement.

■MEMPROg provides voltage-variable edge-level programming verification. A wide variety of adapters support various IC packages PLCC, SOIC, SSOP, TSSOP, TSOP, etc.
Software description

The selection device can select by various methods such as manufacturer, model, etc. (read, blank check, program, Verify, erase), also includes some additional features such as autoincrement to support all known file formats, automatically identify and convert the appropriate file format. Serial number burning function can automatically burn different serial numbers in each IC. You can use auto-increment, or you can choose to read the serial number from the user’s file.

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