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NEC simulator development board programmer PFD2000

  • Feature:Support TI F2000 series device programming and simultaneous programming of the same type of chip
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
  • Shipping:Free DHL/FEDEX/EMS...


USB2.0 interface, compatible with USB1.1 interface

Power interface, DC5V/2A

Target chip interface (i.e. chip holder)


DSP development board programmer PFD2000 support TI F2000 series device programming

The Different Program devices in different packages by replacing different adapters. Such as F2812, F2407, F206, etc.

Support simultaneous programming of the same type of chip

The system structure is in the form of a motherboard + adapter.

The motherboard provides the interface to the host, and single-, four-, and eight-chip devices are programmed by replacing different adapters.

Friendly man-machine interface

You can burn HEX files or directly burn OUT files (no need for users to manually convert to HEX or other formats)

List of supported target types to be burned

Can give hints when the user selects the wrong target type

Can automatically test whether the chip inserted into the burner

Can display the current status of each chip to be programmed, (burning or idle) host display interface display and LED display.

When the burning start, the corresponding outlet power is automatically turned on, and the power of the relevant outlet automatically disconnected after the burning complete. And the power status of each outlet is highlighted.
To protect the target chip, the user prevente from plugging and unplugging the IC operating.

Erasing, burning, encryption, decryption (known password cases), etc. can be performed separately.

Users can enter their password when encrypting.

A hardware button is provided to implement the repeat operation function, and pressing the button performs a user-defined operation.

Provide a self-test function; the host software can detect whether the system is working properly

The success of the burning can give a prompt (the host gives an immediate message, the LED displays the status)

When the adapter head inserted in the wrong direction, it should be able to protect the chip from being burned from being burnt.

The first leg of the chip holder has a clear mark to prevent the chip from being misdirected.

Can erase 128k bytes in 20 seconds

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