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SmartPRO6000F-PLUS Universal Programmer

  • Feature:Including 4-core high-performance processor, quad-core CPU work together
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
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Smart-FPS architecture
Device support: eMMC, NAND FLASH, NOR FLASH, EPROM, Paged EPROM, parallel and serial EEPROM, serial FLASH, BPROM, NVRAM, CPLD, MCU, ARM, standard logic device (TTL\CMOS);

device operating voltage 1.2~ 9V;

SmartPRO 6000U universal programmer with new Smart-FPS architecture: Including 4-core high-performance processor, quad-core CPU work together, more than four times more processing performance than traditional single-core CPU, with BlueThunder (blue) engine to achieve the industry Maximum programming speed. The Smart-FPS architecture supports high-density device programming up to 2TB, perfect for high-capacity high-speed CF card UDMA mode transfers.

Data bandwidth 1.6Gbps
Extreme programming speed 200MByte/s
Limit check speed 200MByte/s
BlueThunder (Blue) engine

The BlueThunder engine is a new programming technology. The complex and time-consuming timing algorithms that were previously required by the processor can now be handed over to the Blue Power hardware acceleration engine. The processing speed is lightning fast so that the overall programmer performance is achieved — a whole new level. SmartPRO 6000U burns SAMSUNG 8Gbit K9K8G08U0A chip with SmartPRO 5000U, the programming speed is increased by 7.4 times, and the verification speed is increased by 15 times.

Smart-FPS programming architecture and BlueThunder hardware acceleration engine
Support various eMMC, NandFlash, Nor Flash, Serial Flash and MCU programming
Support programming capacity up to 2TB
Minimum programming voltage 1.2V
Stable and reliable hardware system protection measures
Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0 interface

NandFlash programming solution

The new software platform supports multiple programming modes and programming schemes, and the programming is more stable. The support for large-capacity chips is enhanced, so that the software can quickly switch large-capacity devices, quickly open large-capacity files, and the programming speed reaches the chip’s limit speed. The new master analysis mode uses intelligent analysis of master technology. You only need to provide the lousy block management strategy of the master. The software can automatically analyse the usage data, automatically analyse the master partition, and quickly help you complete the programming. A variety of sophisticated programming solutions have been added, which are the mainstream solutions for NandFlash programming on the market.
Hardware features:

Software features:

Support multiple file formats, support simultaneous loading of multiple files
Quickly load large buffers
Support most NandFlash programming solutions on the market
NandFlash programming can be customized according to user needs
Real-time record burning success and failure and operation log
Active security features protect engineering data from being viewed and modified
Support R&D and factory burning mode
Perfect reminder system to prevent users from mis

NandFlash programming features:

One programming is steady and fast
The programming process has operations such as erasing, programming, verifying, lousy block detection, bad block management, etc., and automatically generates ECC and OOB data according to your needs, ensuring that each chip can be accurately programmed; the programming speed reaches the chip limit speed.
Two multiple programming modes
File mode
Master analysis mode
Custom mode
3 has a variety of mature programming solutions
ST HD set-top box NandFlash programming solution
HAIXIN HD set-top box NandFlash programming solution
Yangzhi HD set-top box NandFlash programming solution
ZTE B600V4A set-top box NandFlash programming solution
Zhiyuan 3250 development board NandFlash programming solution
Marvell PXA3X series NandFlash programming solution
Four support online/offline programming

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