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UP818P Universal Programmer Mobile Car Repair POSS Machine crack Chip Programming

  • Feature:Mobile Car Repair POSS Machine crack Chip Programming
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Specialized in eMMC.EMCP type chip, no need to select the specific type of image file reading and writing function, efficient and fast! (This host does not support mass production seats)

UP818P Mobile Car Repair POSS Machine crack Chip Programming
Universal Programmer
support for reading and copying of any Extended CSD Support for reading and writing of USER, BOOT, RPMB and GPP areas
Support custom read and write USER area size, significantly improve work efficiency It supports setting the capacity of BOOT area, RPMB area, and GPP area Support for enabling OTP settings such as WrRel (reliable write) and SLC mode
Detailed chip information showing the master can analysis
The software is streamlined, no need to select, select the corresponding package Open image files directly for reading and writing, saving a lot of file processing time and programming time

Powerful data security:
The use of reliable engineering encryption technology, and innovative use of one-time engineering password mechanism to ensure the safety of the project file in the process of transmission and use, while controlling output, and effectively protect engineering data security.

Highly compatible, durable BGA adapter:
The matching patented product BGA adapter has an average service life of more than 20,000 times, and its usability and life expectancy far exceed that of imported adapters.

Hardware specifications:
Communication interface: USB2.0 (compatible with USB1.0/1.1)
System requirements: Windows XP/2003/NT/WIN7 and other operating systems, more than 256MB of memory, more than 1GB of hard disk space;
Power specification: Input AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ; Output DC 6.5V/2A;

Standard configuration:
One host, one power supply, one USB2.0 cable, one warranty card;
Optional: Adapter.

Device update:
Increasing support for new devices from time to time and updating the software on the website;
Users can request support for special tools.

Quality assurance:
From the date of purchase, within one year with the invoice warranty, if there is no valid invoice, the production date is marked by the host within one year;
Adapters and sockets are consumables and are not warranted;

Technical Support:
If you have any questions about the software during use, you can view the help file; you can also check the user manual for instructions.
During working hours, you will receive detailed answers from professional technical engineers.

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