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top3000 Eprom programmer

  • Feature:Small size, no external power supply, reliable connection, flexible software upgrade
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
  • Shipping:Free Post Airmail shipping

Support software: Topwin V6for Windows7/vista/XP (32bit)
With its compact size, low power consumption and high reliability, the TOP3000 Eprom programmer is a general-purpose model designed for developing microcontrollers and programming various types of memories.
TOP3000 uses USB universal serial port to communicate with PC broom, and the transmission rate is high. It has excellent anti-interference performance, high reliability, and no external power supply. It is especially suitable for battery-powered pens.


. Supports devices of 2.5 – 6 . 5V;
. Both USB interface power supply and external 5V power supply can use;
. Connected to a PC via a USB universal serial port with a transfer rate of 12MHz / s;
. It is suitable for battery-powered laptops and is also suitable for desktop use;
. Perfect overcurrent protection to effectively protect the programmer and device from damage;
. Full pin check, you can check the contact status of any one of the pins;
48-pin imported universal locking socket can be equipped with a variety of universal adapters;
. Support operating system WINDOWS7 / Vista / 2000 / 2003 / XP;
. low power consumption;
. Automatic detection of manufacturers and models;
. The timing of the microcontroller is independent of the computer;
. Software support: Top Win ver6. o above.

Performance and specifications:

  1. Software: TopWin (for windows98se/2000/m3/xp)
  2. Measured speed (Pl 11 / 800M, windos98se, USB1. 1):
    28F320 write + proofreading 104 seconds
    29LF320 write + proofreading 112 seconds
    P89c58 write + proofread 5 seconds
  3. Volume: 150 x 110×26
  4. Weight: 275g
  5. Power: <2.5w (5v/500mA)
  6. Locking seat: 40Pin imported high-quality socket (replaceable)

TOP3000 kit:

  1. One piece of the TOP3000 host;
    2.5V/1A regulated power supply (alternate);
  2. Standard USB 1.1 (compatible with USB2.0) connection cable;
  3. A copy of the “TOP3000 Universal Programmer” manual;
  4. “TopWin Software Operation Manual”;
  5. A matching TopWin software CD.

support chip list:

Am2716-12.7V, P27, Am2716-21V, Am2716-25V, Am2732-12.7V, P27, Am2732-21V, Am2732-25V,
Am2764-21V, Am2764A-12.5V, P27, Am27C64-12.5V, P27, Am2128-21V, Am27128A-12.5V, Am27C128-12.7V, P27,
Am27256HV-21V, Am27C256-12.75V, Am27C256P-12.75V, Am27H256-12.75V, Am27512-12.75V,
Am27512/L-12.75V, Am27C010-12.75V, Am27H010-12.75V, Am27HB010-12.75V, Am27C020-12.75V,
Am27C040-12.75V, Am27C080-12.7V,
AT2716-12.7V, P27, AT2716-21V, AT2716-25V, AT2732-12.7V, P27, AT2732-21V, AT2732-25V,
AT27HC64-12.7V, AT27HC64L-12.7V, AT27C128-12.7V, AT27C256-12.7V, AT27HC256-12.7V,
AT27/HC256-12.7V, AT27C512-12.7V, AT27C512R-12.7V, AT27C513-12.7V, AT27C513R-12.7V,
AT27C010/L-12.7V, AT27C011-12.7V, AT27C040-12.7V, AT27C080-12.7V,
CAT2764A-12.7V, CAT27128A-12.7V, CAT27C128-12.7V, P27, CAT27C256-12.7V, CAT27512-12.7V,
MBM2716-12.7V, P27, MBM2716-21V, MBM2716-25V, MBM2732-12.7V, P27, MBM2732-21V, MBM2732-25V,
MBM2764-21V, MBM27C64-21V, MBM27128-21V, MBM27C128-21V, MBM27256-12.7V, MBM27C256A-12.7V,
MBM27C512-12.7V, MBM27C1000-12.7V, MBM27C1001-12.7V, MBM27C4001-12.7V, MBM27C080-12.7V,
2716-12.7V, P27, 2716-21V, 2716-25V, 2732-12.7V, P27, 2732-21V, 2732-25V, 2764-21V,
27C64-21V, 2764A-12.7V, 27C6A-12.7V, 27128-21V, 27128A-12.7V, 27C128-12.7V, P27, 27256,
27C256, 27256HV-21V, 27512, 27C512, 27512HV-21V, 27513, P27, 27C513, P27, 27010, 27C010, P27,
27011, 27C011, P27, 27101, P27, 27C101, P27, 27C020, P27, 27C040, P27, 27C080, P27,
HN27C64-21V, HN27128AG-12.7V, HN27128P-21V, HN27/C256, P27, HN27/C512, P27, HN27C101, P27,
HN27C301, P27,
27128, 27C128, 27256, 27C256, 27512, 27C512, 27C1000, 27C1001, 27C405, 27C4001, 27C801,
27C64-12.7V, 27C128-12.7V, 27C256-12.7V, 27C512, P27, 27C010, P27, 27C020, P27,
27CX256, P27, 27CX128, P27, 27CX256, P27, 27CX512, P27, 27CX010, P27, 27CX020, P27,
i2716-12.7V, P27, i2716-21V, i2716-25V, i2732-12.7V, P27, i2732-21V, i2732-25V, i2764-21V,
i27C64-12.7V, i2764A-12.7V, i87C64-12.7V, i27128-21V, i27A128-12.7V, i27C128-12.7V,
i27C256-12.7V, i87C256-12.7V, i27C512, P27, i27C010, P27, i27010, P27, i27010A, P27,
I27020, P27, i27C040, P27, i27C080, P27,
27C256, P27, 27C128, P27, 27C256, P27, 27C512, P27, 27C010, P27, 27C020, P27,
27C64-12.7V, 27C128-12.7V, 27HC256, P27, 27C512, P27, 27513, P27, 27C513, P27, 27C010, P27,
27C020, P27,
M5L2764-21V, P27, M5L27C128-12.7V, M5M27128/K-21V, M5M27K-12.7V, M5MC256-12.7V, M5M27C512, P27,
M5M27K512, P27, M5M27C100, P27, M5M27C101, P27, M5M27C102, P27, M5M27C201, P27, M5M27C401, P27,
MX2716-12.7V, P27, MX2716-21V, MX2716-25V, MX2732-12.7V, P27, MX2732-21V, MX2732-25V,
MX27C256-12.7V, MX27C512-12.7V, MX27C1000-12.7V,
D2716-12.7V, P27, D2716-21V, D2716-25V, D2732-12.7V, P27, D2732-21V, D2732-25V, D2764-21V,
D27C64-12.7V, D27128-21V, D27/C256-21V, D27C256A-12.7V, D27C512, P27, D27C1000, P27,
D27C1000A, P27, D27C1001, P27, D27C1001A, P27, D27C2001, P27, D27C4001, P27,
NM2716-12.7V, P27, NM2716-21V, P27, NM2716-25V, NM2732-12.7V, P27, NM2732-21V, NM2732-25V,
NM27LC64-12.7V, NM27C256-12.7V, NM27LC256-12.7V, NMC87C257-12.7V, NM27LC512, P27,
NM27LV512, P27, NM27P512, P27, NMC27C64, P27, NM27C128/B-12.7V, NMC27C128/B-12.7V, NMC27CP128-12.7V,
NMC27C256-12.7V, NMC27C256B-12.7V, NM27C512, P27, NMC27C512, P27, NMC27C512A, P27, NMC27C010, P27,
NMC27C020, P27,
MSM2716-12.7V, P27, MSM2716-21V, MSM2716-25V, MSM2732-12.7V, P27, MSM2732-21V, MSM2732-25V,
MSM2764A-12.7V, MSM2764AS-21V, MSM27128A-12.7V, MSM27128AS-21V, MSM27256AS-12.7V,
MSM27512AS, P27, MSM271000, P27,
27C64-21V, 27C256-12.7V,
KM23C4100, P27,
DQ2764-21V, P27, DQ27128-21V, DQ27C256-12.7V,
M27128A-12.7V, M27256, P27, M27CC512, P27, M27C1000, P27, M27C1001, P27, M27C2001, P27,
M27C4001, P27,
27C64A, P27, 27C128, P27, 27C512, P27,
27C64H, P27, 27128H, P27, 27C256H, P27,
CXK27C256, P27, CXK27C512, P27,
TMS2564-25V, P27, TMS2764-21V, P27, TMS27C64-12.7V, TMS27PC64-12.7V, TMS27128-21V,
TMS27C128-12.7V, TMS27CP128-12.7V, TMS27C256, P27, TMS27PC256, P27, TMS87257, P27, TMS27C512, P27,
TMS27CP512, P27, TMS27C010, P27, TMS27PC010, P27, TMS27C020, P27, TMS27PC020, P27, TMS27C040, P27,
TMS27PC040, P27,
TMM2716-25V, TMM2732-21V, TMM2764-21V, TMM2764A-12.7V, TMM27128-21V, TMM27128A, P27,
TMM27256A, P27, TMM27256AD, P27, TMM27512, P27, TC541000, P27, TC541001, P27, TC571000, P27,
TC571001, P27, TC532000, P27, TC572000, P27, TC534000, P27, TC574000, P27,
VT2716-25V, P27, VT2732-21V, P27, VT27C64, P27, VT27C128, P27, VT27C256, P27, VT27C512, P27,
WS2716-25V, WS2732-21V, WS27C512F, P27, WS27C64F, P27, WS57C64F, P27, WS27C128F, P27,
WS57C128F, P27, WS57C128FB, P27, WS27C256F, P27, WS27C256L, P27, WS57C256F, P27, WS57C256FB, P27,
WS27C512L, P27, WS27C010F, P27, WS27C010L, P27, WS57C65, P27, WS57C257, P27, WS57C51C, P57C71,
WS57C71C, P57C71,

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