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SUPERPRO/IS416 online programmer

  • Feature:Chip program needs authorisation. SUPERPRO/IS416 is a new member of SUPERPRO/IS ISP online chip programmer and online programmer family
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
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SUPERPRO/IS416 online programmer features:

_Until now, supports 16 manufacturers, 2225 programmable devices.

  • Chip program needs authorisation.
    SUPERPRO/IS416 is a new member of SUPERPRO/IS ISP online chip programmer and online programmer family. It has the following characteristics:
  1. On-board program ISP supporting almost all kinds of serial and parallel protocol chips.
  2. Supporting simultaneous burning programming of up to 16 serial devices.
  3. ISP concurrent program supporting up to 4 MMC, NAND, NOR FLASH parallel devices.
  4. Supporting sequential programming of multiple chips of different models and types.
  5. Supporting multi-programmer combination and coordination to help elaborate and super-large-scale PCBA jigsaw project achieve the best balance of cost and efficiency.
  6. USB2.0, LAN, SD interface; USB online, network online, offline three working modes.
  7. Programming speed is very high, and high/medium/low selection can be made according to the use environment.
  8. Reliability of industrial quality.
  9. Provide DLL/API/Command-Line Commands under the authorisation agreement, open secondary development. It is the best choice for ICT, FCT, ATE and test fixture to integrate ISP functions.

Functional Characteristics of SUPERPRO/IS416 Online Programmer

  1. High-speed ISP production programmer of industrial grade. ISP system integration is the best choice.
  2. Supporting simultaneous programming of ISP for up to 16 serial chips. It supports almost all serial protocol interface chips. The protocols include (but are not limited to) SPI, I2C, JTAG, BDM, UART, MON, SCI, SWD, SBW, C2D, ICC, SWIM, SDQ, DBG, ICE, CSI.
  3. Supporting ISP simultaneous program of up to 4 parallel chips such as NAND, NOR, and eMMC.
  4. Supporting ISP following programs of different types and chips on a circuit board.
  5. The programming speed can be chosen to adapt to the load of the target board and the change of ISP cable length.
  6. Three working modes. 1) Online mode. Through USB 2.0 port (high-speed) communication with local PC to achieve online control; 2) offline mode. With the keyboard, LCD and removable memory (SD card), it can run independently offline. It is easy to operate and expand. It is most suitable for mass production in factories. Engineering files (limited by card capacity only) create and downloaded to SD cards online; 3) network mode. Access to local area network to achieve regional or remote control.
  7. More advanced ninth-generation pin drive technology provides cleaner signals, full voltage range, and more accurate and high-frequency clocks. With the precise time sequence generator by the original specifications, it ensures direct support for Vcc devices with various processes ranging from 1.2V to 5V, with higher speed and higher quality rate.
  8. Chip security mechanism. The built-in precision voltage self-calibration circuit ensures that the voltage is within the preset accuracy at any time, and the self-diagnosis function diagnoses hardware faults at any time to ensure that the machine is in good condition.
  9. Perfect over-voltage over-current and ESD protection functions to avoid damage to the programmer.
  10. Powerful DLL/API/Command-Line Commands support Visual C, Visual Basic, Labview, and other environments, facilitating integration with ICT, FCT, ATE, test fixture systems.
  11. Powerful software functions simplify operation, improve efficiency, avoid mistakes, and care for users.
  12. Project. The user’s action and settings about the object device, including device model setting, file input, configuration bit setting, batch processing commands, etc. are saved in the engineering file. Each run-time step into the chip writing operation, effectively reducing the probability of misoperation.
  13. Engineering team. Responsible for organising batch commands for multiple engineering operations.
  14. Super Engineering Group. Complex PCBA or PCBA jigsaw projects may require the coordination of numerous programmers. The Super Engineering Group is responsible for organising the engineering operation process across programmers.
  15. The user’s mass production operation interface is displayed intuitively with PCBA pictures, concise and clear.
  16. Batch processing (Auto) commands. Users are allowed to organise common command sequences such as erase, empty search, programming, verification, encryption into a single command at will.
  17. Production mode. Once you or furniture in the Shang Dynasty close and start operation. As an offline programmer, once the chip is inserted into the socket CPU correctly, the batch command is automatically started without manual keystrokes.
  18. Dynamic buffer. Each chip can burn different data. The software can automatically complete data changes according to user requirements, including standard and customised serial number generator (such as MAC address).
  19. The log file, production statistics function. Facilitate quality tracking.
  20. Intellectual property protection function. SD Card Encryption; Project File Authority Management and Encryption; Production Limitation; Remote Control.
  21. Extension. The USB HUB controls up to 12 machines, and LAN controls an infinite number of devices.
  22. Support JAM/STAPL Player and Direct C.
  23. It supports almost all kinds of known file formats and has an automatic file format recognition function.
  24. Bar code management function. By scanning the barcode on the worksheet, a series of work such as loading engineering documents can accomplish, to avoid human errors in operation.
  25. Accept the user’s unique functions and algorithm software customisation.
  26. Network Programmer + Network Management Software (optional) has created a revolutionary network burning task management model. All programmers’engineering settings, task switching and software upgrade are completed instantaneously through a server; all quality monitoring and statistics complete in real time; standard errors such as empty burning are well documented; burned files only store in local or remote servers and the data is safe.
  27. Support for Windows XP/VISTA/WINDOWS 7/WINDOWS 8 32/64 bit

What is the use of SUPERPRO/IS416network interface?

SUPERPRO/IS03 has a network interface. In the past, many non-technicians can choose and load projects, machine settings, production statistics and output settings on a single server. They can also monitor the status and output of each machine in real time, and realise real-time quality alarm. The only thing the operator has to do is to replace and classify the chips correctly according to the state instructions. The operator can not view, modify or copy the data files and change the engineering settings. For the case that R&D located in different places with factories or solution providers, remote management can also achieve by supporting software.

What intellectual property protection mechanisms does SUPERPRO/IS416 have?

  1. Network management provides the best and adequate protection mechanism.
  2. SD card encryption. When you use the password, you can execute the command operation set by the project file, the privilege management and encryption of the project file.
  3. Production limitation: If you need to price according to the number of copies and it is not convenient to use remote operation, you can limit the number of programs. When creating engineering files, you can choose to allow editing
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