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SUPERPRO/6100 programmer

  • Feature:Its programming speed is up to 30% higher than SUPERPRO 5000, suitable for users with empathetic capacity;
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
  • Shipping:FREE DHL/FEDEX/EMS...

SUPERPRO/6100 programmer features:

As of today, support 337 vendors, 92,698 programmable devices.
◆ SUPERPRO/6100 intelligent speed programmer/burner/writer, the programming speed is up to 30% higher than SUPERPRO 5000, suitable for users with empathetic capacity;
◆ Support up to 256 GBytes file burning;
◆ 144-pin universal drive circuit. Only one adapter is required to package different types of chips within 144 feet. Universal adapters guarantee fast new device support.
◆ Direct support for various voltage devices from 1.2V to 5V.
◆ More advanced waveform drive circuit ensures extremely high programming success rate. With the IC manufacturer’s certified algorithm, high-voltage devices, second-hand devices, or low-quality devices can guarantee extremely high programming yields. The programming result can select high and low double voltage calibration to ensure the result is stable and durable.
◆ In online mode, the PC controls the programmer/burner/writer via USB2.0 port (high speed), and the debugging is convenient for R&D; in offline mode, the programmer/writer/writer relies on its CPU and LCD. The display and removable memory (standard CF card) operate independently from the PC, which is easy to operate and easy to expand. It is most suitable for mass production at the factory. ◆ CF card can store more than 100 project files according to the capacity.
◆ Automatically detect chip mis-insertion and poor pin contact to avoid damage to the device.
◆ Perfect overcurrent protection to prevent damage to the programmer.
◆ Rich software features simplify operations, improve efficiency, avoid errors, and care for users. The project saves the user’s various services and settings on the target device, including device model settings, programming file loading, configuration bit environment, batch processing commands, etc. in the project file, one step at a time. Enter the write operation, effectively reducing the probability of misoperation. The project file can be password-protected to prevent data leakage. The Auto command allows the user to organise a sequence of commonly used commands such as erase, empty, program, verify and encrypt as a single command in one step. In mass production mode, once the chip is correctly inserted into the socket CPU, the batch command is automatically started without manual button. Standard serial number generation and insertion capabilities and customizable individual serial number generators are accepted. Log files facilitate quality tracking.
◆ Support Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 operating system.

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