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SUPERPRO/7100 programmer

  • Feature:The SUPERPRO® / 7100 is a new member of the SUPERPRO® / 7000 family of programmers, with a focus on supporting all types of FLASH memory.
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
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SUPERPRO/7100 programmer features:

The SUPERPRO® / 7100 is a new member of the SUPERPRO® / 7000 family of programmers, with a focus on supporting all types of FLASH memory. Has the following characteristics:
1) Enhanced support for accessible mass storage such as eMMC, parallel NAND FLASH, SPI NAND FLASH, serial FLASH/EEPROM, and NOR FLASH.
2) 4 chips are programmed in parallel. Four independent replaceable adapters.
3) Programming speed is exceptionally high.
4) USB2.0, LAN, SD interface; USB online, network connection, offline three working modes.
5) Manage multiple programmers in one interface to work simultaneously.
6) Reliability of industrial grade quality. Very high-cost performance.

◆ Its industrial grade high-speed FLASH memory mass production programmer. Very cost-effective.
◆ Enhanced support for eMMC, parallel NAND FLASH, serial NAND FLASH, serial FLASH/EEPROM, NOR FLASH and other devices.
◆ Up to 4 chips programmed in parallel. Four independently replaceable adapters.
◆ The programmer is high-speed. The operating speed of eMMC is nearly ten times higher than that of SP5000.
◆ Three working modes.
1) Online mode. Online control via USB2.0 port (high speed) to communicate with local PC;
2) Offline mode. With its keyboard, LCD, removable memory (standard SD card), it can be run offline independently, easy to operate, easy to expand, and is most suitable for mass production at the factory. The project file (the number is limited only by the card capacity) create and passed down to the SD card in the online state;
3) Network mode. Access to the LAN for local or remote control.
◆ More advanced ninth generation pin drive technology provides cleaner signals, a full voltage range, and more accurate and higher frequency clocks. A precision timing generator that complies with the original specifications ensures direct support for devices with VCC from 1.2V to 5V, with higher speeds and higher yields.
◆ Chip security mechanism. Built-in precision voltage self-testing circuit provides that the voltage is within preset accuracy at any time; the self-diagnostic function diagnoses hardware faults at any time to ensure that the machine is in excellent condition;
◆ Perfect overvoltage, overcurrent and ESD protection functions to avoid damage to the programmer.
◆ Powerful software features simplify operations, improve efficiency, avoid errors, and care for users.
1) Manage multiple machines in one operation interface to facilitate cluster expansion.
2) Project. Save the user’s various operations and settings on the target device, including device model settings, programming file input, configuration bit settings, batch processing commands, etc. in the project file, and enter the write operation one step at a time. , effectively reduce the probability of misoperation.
3) Batch (Auto) command. Allows the user to organise the common command sequences such as erase, empty, program, check, and encrypt as a single command to complete in one step.
4) Mass production mode. The status of the socket is detected, and once the chip is detected and the operation automatically starts, no manual button is required.
5) Dynamic buffer. The data written by each chip can be different. The software automatically completes the data changes according to user requirements, including standard and customised serial number generators (such as MAC address, etc.).
6) Log file and production statistics function. Convenient for quality tracking.
7) Intellectual property protection functions: SD card encryption, project file rights management and encryption, production limit, remote control.
8) Extension. Control up to 12 machines to work simultaneously via USB HUB or LAN SWITCH.
9) Supports almost all known file formats and has automatic file format recognition.
10) Barcode management function. A series of work such as loading the project file complete by scanning the barcode on the work order to avoid human error.
11) Accept special user functions and algorithm software customisation.
12) Support WINDOWS 8/7/VISTA/XP.

SUPERPRO/7100 burner electrical and mechanical specifications:

◆ PC communication interface: USB2.0 (high speed), LAN (100M)

◆ Offline storage media: SD card

◆ Keyboard and display: 6-key membrane keyboard, 20-word X4 line LCD

◆ Power: DC 12V /1.5A. Power Adapter

◆ Host size: 184 x 160 x 78 (mm); Host weight: 1 Kg

◆ Packing size: 310 x 250 x 145 (mm); Packing weight: 1.8Kg

◆ Operating temperature range: 0-50 °C. Operating humidity range: 20%-80%

Packaging configuration

◆ Standard configuration: one host, one DC 12V / 1.5A power adapter, one USB cable

◆ Optional: SD card, FX series adapter.

sp7100 programmer
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