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SUPPERPROSB02 programmer

  • Feature:SUPPERPROSB02 is a highly cost-effective fully automatic IC programmer device designed for the large-scale electronic product.
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
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SUPPERPROSB02 is a highly cost-effective fully automatic IC programmer device designed for the large-scale electronic product. The tool automatically completes the whole process of chip grabbing, placing, programming, chip taking and packaging, replacing the traditional manual work, which not only dramatically improves the production efficiency, but also eliminates possible human errors in IC programming process. Compared with the first generation SuperPro/SB01 (SuperBOT-I), this type of machine emphasises the support of large-capacity memory such as eMMC, NAND FLASH, serial FLASH/EEPROM, and the related capacity can increase by nearly 30 times.
Its main characteristics are as follows:
Brand industrial computer, It servo system, professional control algorithm, high precision, high stability motion, and take-and-place method.
Built-in 4 latest extreme speed intelligent programmers SuperPro/7500, reliable, high-speed support more than 300 IC manufacturers of more than 80,000 device programs. Up to 16 chips can be programmed simultaneously. Therefore, it is a truly universal fully automatic programmer. Programming speed is much faster than SuperPro/5000, especially the programming speed of large-capacity chips such as eMMC NAND/NOR FLASH, SPI FLASH, etc. is up to 10 times higher than that of previous generations of programmers, and the overall capacity of large-capacity chips is up to 30 times higher than that of SuperPro/SB01.
Optional peripherals include standard tray (TRAY), automatic tray (AUTO TRAY) feeding and discharging machine, tape packaging machine (TAPE OUT), straight tube (Tube) feeding and removing machine, ink marking system and laser marking system. Support TARYN, TAPE, and TUBE packaging conversion.

The careful design guarantees a short switching time.
Powerful software functions designed for mass production. Engineering document barcode management, remote management, dynamic burning files, detailed log files, etc. Software interface design is amiable and easy to use.
Compact design, small area, old office buildings, human-crewed elevators will not become an obstacle to use.
The company is one of the few companies in the world that can develop both programmers and manipulators. Therefore, it can achieve the best integration of programmers, manipulators and software, and ensure low cost. At the same time, it can quickly respond to the user’s software function customisation requirements.
Support customisation or integration of third-party semiconductor testers into fully automated semiconductor testers.


The adapter and socket are wearable and not guaranteed within one year from the date of purchase.
Online technical support or telephone professional consultation;
Specification parameters:
Device Support: EPROM, Paged EPROM, Parallel and Serial EEPROM, FPGA Configuration Serial PROM, FLASH Memory (NOR and NAND), BPROM, NVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, Firmware HUB, SCM, MCU, etc., device working voltage 1.2-5V.
On-line communication interface: USB2.0, LAN
Offline mode: not supported
Power specification: input AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ; output DC AC 220V power consumption: 2KW
Host Size: 8206401550mm; Weight: 248kg
Packaging Size: – Millimeter; Packaging Gross Weight: – Kg
Standard configuration:
The host computer (including four sets of SUPERPRO/7500 programmer), industrial computer, user manual, software CD, warranty card.
Selection: Automatic Tray In/Out, Tape In/Tape out, Tube In/Out devices, adapters;

Basic performance

High productivity: industrial top motion control card and servo system, professional control algorithm constitutes a high-speed, high-precision, high-stability motion, and take-and-place system. Built-in 4 latest generation extreme intelligent speed intelligent programmer SuperPro/7500, each with a maximum of 4 sockets, the machine has a maximum of 16 devices, and the output rate of large-capacity chips has dramatically increased, especially eMMC NAND/NOR FLASH, SPI FLASH and other disks, whose production capacity is 30 times higher than SuperPro/SB01.
Precision: Down-looking CCD camera accurately locates the socket position of the feeder and discharger, and precise X-Y-Z-theta motion system precisely determines to ensure accurate positioning. Up-looking CCD camera cooperates with visual positioning software to accurately measure chip position deviation and adjust it to ensure precise placement.
Support Devices: Built-in 4 high-performance ultra-high-speed mass production programmers SuperPro/7500. Support eMMC, NAND FLASH, NOR FLASH, serial FLASH/EEPROM and other large-capacity memory has great advantages. It can also accept customised requests to support different kinds of devices such as MCU.
Rich peripheral support: I/O mode supports TRAY (manual matching, automatic matching), TAPE and TUBE. It can use as a packaging converter. The marking mode supports ink and laser.
Short switching time: I/O equipment and adapter replacement mode are fast and straightforward, location calibration intelligent, programmer settings engineering and bar code automation.
Powerful intelligent software: graphical human-machine interface, powerful and friendly software, short learning time, automatic storage of initial machine settings, automated storage of programmer configuration and selection, abundant statistics and log information, easy traceability of output and quality, flexible bad sockets and module automatic prohibition strategy, reduce unmanned bad rate, prevent overlapping mechanism.
Remote management capability: Network ports and software functions provide remote loading of Engineering documents, real-time quality monitoring, output control, file encryption, and other services.
Strong safety: top ball screw and guide, motor, motion control card. The control algorithm, seven years of professional experience in robotics, 20 years of professional experience in the IC programmer, 20 years of quality management experience.

Motion system

Drive: X-Y-Z-theta system, Korean high-performance motion control board, Panasonic servo system, THK screw, and guide rail.
Accuracy: X axis: +0.02mm; Y axis: +0.02mm; Z axis: +0.05mm;
Theta axis: 0.1 degree.
Effective stroke: X axis: 500mm; Y axis: 380mm; Z axis: 60mm.
Operational chip size: maximum 25x25mm, minimum 2x2mm
vision system
The down-looking camera use to precisely locate the socket position of the feeder and discharger.
Up-looking CCD camera cooperates with visual positioning software to accurately measure chip position deviation and adjust it to ensure accurate placement.
Industrial digital camera. The number of pixels is 512 x 512.
Visual range: 30mm X30mm
Programmer System
Built-in SuperPro/7500, four universal programmers with extreme speed and high performance. Each supporting up to 4 chips programming at the same time; programming speed is up to 10 times faster than SuperPro/5000; directly supporting 1.2V to 5V various voltage devices; extremely high reliability and stability; automatic detection chip incorrect insertion and pin contact; perfect over-current protection function to avoid damage to the programmer; rich and powerful software functions 。
Control system
Operating system: Windows XP or above
Display: 17 inch LCD
Data input device: keyboard + mouse optional code input gun.
Communication interface: USB and LAN
I/O device
Manual Tray
Standard configuration. Program one disk at a time and change the drive manually after completion. In this way, online marking cannot complete.
The programmed chip repackages into TAPE. Cold or hot seals are optional. The bandwidth is 8-32mm adjustable.
Tear Tape apart and suck it in the supply suction nozzle. YAMAHA pneumatic feeder. According to the chip width, the specifications are 8-32 mm.
Place up to 20 standard JEDEC TRAY discs at a time, automatically send, withdraw and mark (optional).
Vibration mode completes the pipeline feeding. Slide track and guide groove select according to chip width.
Vibration mode completes the output of pipes. Slide track and guide groove select according to chip width.
Tape Ink-Marker
An additional system for Tape-out. Mark a dot with ink on the programmed chip.
Tray Ink-Marker
For an additional system (optional) on Tray-In/Out. Used to mark a dot with ink on a programmed chip.
Tape Laser-Marker
An additional system (optional) for Tape-out or Tray-In/Out. Laser marking up to four characters on a programmed chip.
Accessories (Options) and Consumables
All kinds of encapsulated programming adapters, suction nozzles, socket blocks.
Electrical and mechanical specifications
Working voltage: 200-245V/50-60Hz. Power: 1.5KVA.
Outside air source: clean air, air pressure: 0.6 MPa. Gas consumption: 30 litres per minute
Mechanical Dimension (mm): Host 820(L)640(W)1550(H)
Automatic Tray Disk Machine: 1100(L)380(W)1300(H)
Tape packing machine: 1100(L)380(W)1300(H)
Net Machine Weight (Kg): Host

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